One week in and …..

Hey there lovies, welcome back to The transform Wangechi into Wangechi 2.0.

The transformation began in earnest last week and like I told you guys, I had divided the 100 day challenge into sprints and I was working on the first leg of the race. Part one was to weigh myself and take measurements, find a motivational quote and to quit processed sugar and drinks. But heeehhhh…

.Image result for shocked face emoji

The whole weighing and taking measurements part was easy peasy. My sister helped me get all those measurements in and the quotes were easy to find. Beginning was amazing. I started out nicely with my challenge until I had to travel and that brought the first downward spiral. With the enthusiasm of travel, the whole challenge was pushed to the back of my mind and I forgot what goals I had set for myself. Today, Wednesday marks the end of the first 10 days( sprint one) and I must say that I am frustrated in myself quite a bit. I’m not taking it out on myself but  I am however slightly upset that I didn’t make better choices during this time which btw led me to adding weight instead of shedding. I can’t even get myself to take measurements because I can even feel my pants being abit too body-hugging ( LOL).

tight GIF by Debby Ryan

So sprint 2 begins (Thursday 3rd May- Saturday 12th May) and I had to review and reset my goals with regard to how sprint one went down. My goals for the next 10 days include:

  1. Continuing with the no sugar/ processed drinks goal task

I will absolutely continue this until I have it on lockdown. I was researching on sugar and the damaging effects it has on our bodies and I actually stopped using it until I travelled. Isn’t it easier sometimes to just lock yourself in your house and hope the outside temptations just don’t get into your house? How I wish!!

just say no GIF by Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers

  1. Portion control

Now I won’t lie, I love love love my food. Good food is better than a lot of things that I can’t mention on here( haha). My hips don’t come from an upbringing of restricted eating. I love my chicken and pilau or whatever. My mum and sister are phenomenal cooks so our house is always an exhilarating place to be at dinner time when they are around.

I observed though that my plate could literally outmatch my elder brothers plate and some. You would think that I was a wrestler or body builder packing in that food like I was about to face The Rock in a fight.

Image result for portion control memes

So this one too will be abit hard, but where there is a will there is a way.

I plan on gradually dropping the portion sizes until I get to half the original size which is something to look forward to!!


So yeah guys, that’s the update up until this point. For those who are doing the challenge with me I am super excited on hearing back from you about how your first ten days went.

Wish me luck lovies.  

As always,

Peace, love and avocados



My 100 day

Well hello there my lovelies!!

I know its been quite a while since you were here. My apologies, this adulting is turning out to be one helluva ride for me; but I’m sure you guys know what I mean since we are all adulting in one way or another. I hope you are holding tight to that sucker and showing life what an amazing person I know you are 🙂

I have been on a self reflecting journey. Do you know the realest things about a person are normally shown through moments of self reflection? I’ve been tried and tested this past four months and though some scars have for sure been left on me, I am a lot stronger and a much better person. I now know my triggers, what I dislike and like, I finally have a life plan( LOL) and I’m slowly learning to accept things a day at a time( my friends can tell you how hard it is for me not knowing how something is going to go down).

Anywayyyyy… my next three or so months are going to be amazing too. I started the year challenging myself to workout 5 times a week with yoga over the weekend with a target of being fitter and do a handstand at the end of the year. At some point, in march I presume, I got thrown off track and I haven’t done a single burpee since March 12th . That handstand dream is still being dreamt though…hahaha.


So I want to do a 100 day challenge which started yesterday (april 23rd). I’ve drawn the plan up in a very precise and attainable way and the reason I’m sharing it is for accountability. I know for sure y’all are going to be on my case till I achieve my goals and that’s exactly what I’m looking for!!! Pressure and accountability not to fall off the wagon.

I’ve gone off tangent( I tend to do that haha).

My 100 days has been divided into SPRINTS. A sprint just means that within the days of the sprint there are certain things I wish to achieve and each sprint adds on from the last one and so forth. Each sprint is 10 days long which is pretty amaze-balls to me and each has a max goal of 4. My 100 day goal ends on July 31st 2018..

If you wish to participate and rock this journey with me send me a DM or  shoot me an email and I’ll fill you in on the upcoming sprint tasks that I have set. OR you could set up your own to accommodate your needs and your daily lifestyle to make sure it is tailored specifically for you which is much better yes?

So here are my sprint 1 goals!! YIPEE!!!!!

  1. Weigh yourself and take measurements
  • So I did this and weeeehhh let me tell you guys that sometimes ignorance is bliss. Hahahaha. I lost a lot of inches and weight during my workout sessions from Jan but I’ve added back to my original start weight and inches.

Due to how personal some stuff ill give you a snippet of some

Start weight:- 86kgs (frown)

Waist- 37

Hips- 48

  1. Eliminate sugar and processed drinks
  • No more soda( sigh), ribenna, afia juice, or any other processed drinks.
  • I’m honestly battling whether to remove wine from this list but wine is good yes? Yes?


  1. Find a motivational quote and an inspiration for my weight loss.
  • I found so many but here are the ones that hit home the hardest!


Wish me luck!!!

See you on the next one


Peace, love and avocados,



Who says it’s a bad thing to fight like a girl?

On my life journey of embracing womanhood and being unashamedly woman I have started by reading a book called “fight like a girl” by Lisa Bevere. This is a book on realizing the power of being a woman in this generation that we are living in. Ironically this book has been sitting on my bookshelf for almost a year and I never felt as duty-bound to read it as I did once I completed the purity and purpose classes. So most of what I write will be a reference from that book; take it like a walk through learning my power (our power coz you might learn something  😛 ) as I read and share the book. I haven’t aligned the blog posts as per the chapters in her book though. Mine will be what God says I write, or you know. Hahaha.

It would be definitely weird if I started on this journey without really defining gender, sex, man woman, male and female. You’d be surprised at how many people actually don’t see the difference between the two and maybe that’s why there is a question in the definition of sex in the 21st century; where a person is born male but says he knows he is a woman (writing that gave me a headache BTW). It’s eerie that that’s what it has come down to; that even our constitution should specify what male and female is.

Webster defines male as: a person having X and Y chromosome in their nuclei in their core). Adjectives used to describe male is strong, straightforward/direct, courageous/ spirited, and virile (which means that they have a sexual/ procreative potency). Man is however defined as either an adult male or the human species in over-all.

Webster then defines female as: a person having 2 X chromosomes in their nuclei. Adjectives used to describe female include sensitivity/ compassionate/ understanding, gentleness/ tender, delicate, graceful, patient/ enduring , sensitive to moods( which I think is both good and bad LOL). Woman i.e. of man/from man( Worked Out of MAN) is defines as an adult human being who is biologically female and has the ability to bear children.

**I found out grace is linked to being elegant, beautiful, smoothness of form in movement and actions. It also means that there is a capacity to accommodate and forgive as well as extend mercy and favor (hahaha surely I am not graceful from that definition)

A lot of technical terms but bear with me; I am going somewhere. Lisa Bevere writes something commanding when defining gender saying;

Gender is a DNA core issue that cannot vary , no matter how much the physical exterior may be transformed”  Note that our culture, our society, our family, our friends/peers do not and will never have the bearing of changing our core; our DNA.

So why is it such a problem these days? Why are some people negating their gender saying they want to be the other? Have you realized that by just the definition of male and female, man and woman there is inter-dependency of the sexes? Note it is interdependent but not inter-changeable.

Man has the ability to initiate conception (i.e. being virile) but woman must be there to both carry the life and bear it. So knowing that, you recognize that there is nothing like a gender transformation, all you do is change the sexual function and response. Fine you can reorganize the exterior but your core is the same regardless of what is outside.

This however raises some questions for me; does it mean that men cannot be graceful, patient or sensitive? I t have met at least one guy (i.e. male) who is even more patient than I am as a woman. Also does that mean that women cannot be strong, or frank? Does it mean that as woman I am constrained to only the feminine qualities that have been used to describe woman? I want to be strong and courageous. I mean!!


Pondering on…


Love, peace and loads and loads of chocolate


P.S. I’m looking for scripture that defines what being a woman is so if you have any let me know..either through the comment section or on my page on Facebook..

Dear younger me

Dear younger me,

Sometime when your 18, you’ll sit in bed and wonder why your here on this planet; on this earth when nothing is going right.

Sometime when your twenty, you’ll try and end your life only to be stopped by some voice in your head telling you that tomorrow will be better and it was.

Someday day when your twenty, you’ll start a blog mostly wanting to write about the things that touch into your deepest corners and for the people who need it the most only to feel like you’ve failed at it before you even began.

Someday you’ll be twenty two and you’ll be in bed, under the mosquito net, after a long day in labor ward and think, God is good all the time and all the time he is good.

Baby girl I just want to tell you you are loved, admired and adored by so many. I know it doesn’t seem like it now😖😖 because your being made fun of about your weight and your personality; but girl stand up and put that chin up because you are IT. You are beautiful, amazing, successful, loving and caring lady. So what if those kids don’t like you? So what if they say your ugly because you developed faster than they did?psshh..that’s being superior unless I’m told otherwise.

If I Could go back in time and change something, it would be trying to solve everyone’s problems and forget that mine were staring down my shirt waiting to make a fool out of me.

You’ve learnt how to be selfish and to be okay with it. You’ve learnt to accept what you can’t change( like your hair growing at phenomenally slow pace..oops I cut your hair and no you didn’t die)😂😂

So baby girl would you learn to love who you are And love it like tomorrow does not exist. Try all the thigs that take you out of your comfort zone. Love mightily and live fully.

Reserve those kind hugs and kisses. Keep your arms fisted and fight off any weirdos who only desire to ruin your beauty and purity; they ain’t worth it.

Seek God with all your heart because He loves us and wants us to be the best that we can be. Read his word and pray and pray earnestly because he will be the only one who will understand and stick by your side when you feel deserted. Snuggle into his love and presence and never let go even when you feel otherwise.

You made it girl, and I know now seems bleak but I assure you that things get better and easier to deal with. 😊😊
You grow up to be a warrior so keep fighting…😎😎
Ps. We are cool kids
❤❤❤❤22 year old you

I’m feeling 22 :-)

Hey there my beauties, kings and queens. It’s a happy birthday to me!! Yippee \O/!!!!!! I’m feeling every inch of 22 whatever that means hahaha… 🙂 Today, cold but beautiful with the sun peeping out to tell me that it’s always sunny beyond the clouds; happiness despite the circumstances and yes I will be happy and celebrate albeit being broke, tired and stressed out by school (but that is another topic for another day and blog).

Last year, I made a list of 21 things to do while I was 21 and I’m thinking it’s high time I share. Since turning 20, I’ve been making lists of things to do during that year; yes like resolutions but better because this are things ranging from the stupidest to the biggest and most grandiose gestures you can think of. I’ve always been told that I was rigid, that I color too much within the lines and never get out of my comfort zone. Well guess who decided to branch out and surprise herself, to just jump in and just enjoy the moment without thinking of pros and cons of things? me timid little me…I DID IT…

Can I get a woot woot!!!!

My list was something I wrote and shared with my mother and grandmother. My mom knowing how reserved I am, was soooooo shell-shocked you would think it told her I was getting “I don’t know a nose ring” (I should have said that though. Her expression would have been priceless). To some of you my list would seem trivial and lacking creativity, but to me this was a list of things/places I have never been or done before. This was a way to get me exploring myself, learning myself through immersion into various activities however petty some I’m sure may be.

So here are the things I wrote down over a year ago… (PS this was a very hard thing to share…but hey!!!

The things I was able to accomplish include:-
1. Travel outside the country
Hello there America. You were good to me. You taught me to be independent and handle a new culture and ideology with sanity and a smile. You brought me very cool people who taught me how to let go and just have fun…”live-my-age” as they say.

2. Be a mentor
Lost Coast Camp!!!!! You brought me the liveliest of kids with great stories of strength and survival that made some of the things I complain about seem trivial. Mentoring is such fun.

3. Experience a sunset/sunrise
I met a guy called Gordy (hey Serella 🙂 ) who took me to a reggae concert over a long weekend. That was one awesome concert btw; anyway I digress. Gordy’s place in Petrolia California (on top of a stunning hill) gave me a spectacular view of the ocean with the sun rays bouncing off the water to give a precious unforgettable view of beauty.
During those beach hikes as well, as we slept on the beach and had “camp fire”, that view, that atmosphere of tranquility and quiet was amazing.

4. Dye my hair!!
Hahaha…remember when I spontaneously cut it and dyed it red?! My mother was so shocked she asked me if I was feeling ok and normal. After a few days I was so scared that I had drawn attention onto myself that I wanted to go dye it black again but then some cute guy ( girls will be girls) said I looked hot so it stayed…

5. Go on a road trip…
From northern California to LA; from LA to Vegas; from Vegas to Kansas!!!

6. Read a book on a subject you’ve never thought about reading
The other month I read a book on financial freedom.. I’m not a fan of books that tell you what to do but for sure I did learn a lot more than I thought I would.

7. Dance a combination of Lingala, Shakira and moon-dance…
During camp fire; circle time turns you into someone else for sure….thank God for no recording devices…that was horribly embarrassing but extremely fun and liberating

8. Go on a blind date
Never again for sure…that was so awkward!!!!!

9. Learn a new language.
Duo-lingo is doing a fine job of teaching me French for sure!! I’m just lacking in commitment on that one

10. Public speaking.
Over the hay makes me do enough of this. Hahaha. Oh guys…before I forget; 24th of April it resumes yeiiiiii…so make sure you and you and you as well come with your friends and family ok? Come one and all!

11. Take a yoga class
And a year later I’m loving what I have accomplished!!!!

What didn’t I accomplish on my list:
12. Go on a train ride
13. Get a custom made coat
14. Teach myself how to ride a motor bike
15. Bungee jumping
16. Have project you and me running( really saddened that I didn’t get this going)

17. GP karting( almost did this but I can’t remember why the plans changed…sigh)

18. Get to my ideal weight
To be honest this is a struggle and hard point for me but I did manage to fall in love with the body I have. I realize that sometimes we strive for things that are so inachievable and because I compared myself to someone else’s progress it was harder to even keep going with this one.
But now….hahaha…damn straight I love it all, every nook every crevice, every bump and each cellulite mark.

19. Spa day.

20. Finish the kindness challenge
I started this one but ended it some time. I got sidetracked with school and life and I know that isn’t a good excuse but I’ll get right back to doing so.

21. Go to a random place with no itinerary and enjoy the moment
Still working on it

So this year begins with Wangechi making another list of the 22 things to do while she is twenty two…sounds achievable right? I can’t wait to see what this journey brings me and who I meet along the way coz that is what matters more right? hopefully I’ll get to accomplish all I have set my mind to do this year. 🙂

Thank you all for the wishes on social media and email…

I appreciate you and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the 20s takes us…

Buckle up shall we? 🙂 🙂

A journey of 1000 miles starts with a first step.

I feel like a social experiment gone wrong.I don’t know how to explain or quantify it. I sometimes look at the way my life is and I wonder if I’m acting a movie;is someone out there pulling the strings?😯😯😯



Today I got the loveliest compliment. 😃 Two friends told me that they found me exquisitely beautiful.**blushh***

Sad to admit though;  I Immediately recoiled and wondered what kind of sick joke they were playing. Did someone told them to say that to me? I then started justifying why I wasn’t beautiful and it hit me (after they said it many times though) that I hadn’t even said thank you for such a wonderful compelement that many girls and women yearn to hear every day.


I am going somewhere with this….

The other day I attended the Boy meets girl volume three edition( a very big shout out to the wonderful panelist that talked and helped us see a little bit about love and life from an older more mature perspective👏👏👏).

Why did I attend? Well..Coz I was dumped.🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 Woosh I actually said that out loud..I know what your thinking;” gosh Wangechi we’ve all been dumped one time or another get over yourself” and now your wondering why I would go to such a forum where they would talk about love and I am just out of a relationship😳😳😳.

For starters I wanted to hear from a male perspective what they think relationships to be and what they mean to them. See after a break up most people;though let me speak on my behalf, tend to go through phases.

Stage one:-grief (though not many have this per say)

Stage two:-you claim that  the guy doesn’t know what he lost.he lost a gem in you,a great thing that is meant to be cherished.

Stage Three:- you begin to ask yourself “what in the world have I done to lose such an incredible guy?” You shift the blame game inward and if not taken care of will lead to self depreciation.

P.S- I’m Still discovering the other stages

I was stuck on phase 3; rather been stuck for a while now. I’d wake up and look at myself,I would and can still see how far I’ve crawled,fought and cried through to become the person I am today and wonder if creating this persona led  to me driving the “one” away.yes I thought I had found the one..😶😶.the impeccable gentleman who would hold my heart and my Hand through life. The gentleman who would share experiences and joys and tears with.

It wasn’t meant to be..I told myself over and over again until I got used to not seeing his name on my call log, or texts or whatsapp thread. I told myself that he did me a favor. I became angry. Angry that he wasn’t affected at all. Angry at myself for being weak and letting it consume my mind

and that is how I went to the forum …An angry bitter woman with a bone to pick.

Funny though how God works right?😇😇😇 He uses a situation to humble you or grow you. For me he did both. He humbled me by showing me that my ego and my insensitivity to certain issues is what made me lose ” the one” and also grew me by giving me an epiphany. One speaker of the day said that  ” you may have found the one for you but you may not be the one for them“.. I’ll let that sink in for a little bit.😳😳😳😩😩😩😩😣😯😯

My mum, a few weeks ago, shared with me that she thought I kept putting too much of my self growth in the hands of those I date. See my mother and I are very close; I tell her almost everything. So when I told her that I was dumped imagine my shock when she said that !!.. how dare she right? But after a few days of thinking about it, I actually saw the truth of it all. I may begin the journey to self improvement but I never end up finishing it ,coz I hand the job over to someone who is incapable of doing it. It’s not their job to make me happy or fulfilled that’s on me and that’s the lesson I had to learn through this season.

That’s why I made a conscious decision to be single for the next few mother is skeptical though, which is funny but I’m sure I will learn a lot about myself in the next year or two than I would have. I yearn to learn to depend on myself rather on others to help me; to learn how to alone but not lonely;to be able to enjoy my own company and savor the moments; to be able to love myself so deeply that any negativity won’t impede my happiness but rather be used to better myself.


Why blog about it? Coz I need to be accountable to someone other than my mother .. it’s a continuous journey they say.  But in that journey you have to go inward to find truth.


I’m ready to start my journey . It’s been a long time coming but I’m excited and scared all at once .more excited though!!


When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.

See you on the next one😊😊😊

Imperfect progress


If I put a hundred shillings every time I said I was starting again,I’d be a rich woman.😒😒 I’d be able to buy as many pairs of shoes I want and not be broke…I mean it!! I have said these words so many times to myself and then did something to negate the whole process and after, I wind up hating that I let myself down once again.

Arghhh how frustrating it is to keep being in an endless loop of  changing then backsliding then saying I’m going to be better just to repeat the same mistake over and over.😨😨😨😨😨 Is this how Jesus feels every time we backslide coz now I feel his pain!!!😳😳

Thank the heavens tthat I came across this WONDER OF A BOOK(when I capitalize it means I’m really excited about this book👏👏👏). It’s by a lady called Lysa Terkeurst and it is called unglued you should check it out( )..its basically about making wise choices when your dealing with raw emotions; like when your angry or sad or frustrated.

This October was dubbed the “dark month”…it even surpassed my August phobia really.

I lost myself in that month. If you saw me you probably thought “oh she is fine” but inside I was on a war path against myself. I destroyed every good thing and thought that was in my mind…literally tore myself to pieces thinking about it. I went berserk. Those who saw it unravel can attest to that fact. Have you ever felt like you can see yourself doing stuff but not really be there doing them? Like you were watching a movie of something possessing your body but you can’t get to it and stop it…I’d wake up and think “oh that was a nightmare “but then see how I tore apart some of the relationships I was nurturing and be so confused…like who was that girl who said those things or wanted to do such insanities? That isn’t me…I’m a happy person…I laugh the loudest and speak hope and love. When did I become this possessive, angry person who felt sorry for herself? Who was this girl who stood in the mirror and just wanted to cut away everything and everyone? 😱😱😱

But thank the Lord for friends and for bringing along that book; for it showed me that I let my emotions take root in my mind and in my heart. I didn’t realise that I was letting the devil manipulate my mind telling me things like I wasn’t as pretty as so and so thus my boyfriend will definitely cheat or That my friends were all  tired of me and didn’t/couldnt stand me.

The devil targeted the things I hold dear…he went after my hard earned self esteem,after my friendships,after my relationship with God and man, and he just took me to hell with him.

Again though, I found myself turning to God and just learning to let go . Saying it was one thing actually doing it though….wooosh that was another matter!!😕😕😕.

It’s sometimes easier said than done. I got frustrated every time I prayed and told God that I put all my emotions in his hands only to think and replay the motions in my mind. But he who starts a good thing….oh how I see that now. I learnt that a well decorated home isn’t a sign of a well built home. The only reasons that little man got into my head was because I hadn’t protected myself against all that he could do. If things were to get better I had to acknowledge things under the surface that made me “unglued”. I learnt that brokenness is a path to a healthy wholeness and that’s my target.

Let’s take a bresther,that was some heavy stuff wasn’t it??

I made it to November!!!💃💃To be honest guys I wasn’t too sure I would make it here but lookie lookie…Wangechi is here. She made it through, with burns and bruises yes but she made it. Ha!! 🛀🛀I deserve a treat!!

Imperfect progress!! That’s what I’m determined to achieve. You see people assume that progress will come immediately. We tell ourselves that we will change something about ourselves but that doesn’t happen immediately. It’s like losing weight;it just doesn’t happen overnight( though someone should invent a magic pill with no side effects; that would be fantastic!!)

It has to be something that you take the time to work on. Same thing goes without saying with emotions.

We were given emotions to experience life not destroy it!! Don’t you just love that quote??

You have to find a way to release the tensions at the end of the day. I’ve found journaling as a great way…that and I’ve gone back to singing( hey there onyx).

I’ve learnt that as long as I can pick myself up and continue surging forward then I’m making progress. Of course there will be days better than others; Of course there will be a time I may say something that isn’t appropriate and regret later but as long as I realise that I have “fallen” I can pick myself up and continue forward. Call it turning a page…I’m not going to forget what I’ve done or Said but I can work on repairing the things I’ve done. Work on accepting what isn’t right with me to make ME right . Do you get what I’m saying??

Sometimes I just rant and I’m not sure if people actually get me….haha..😁

I won’t be too hard on myself as well because everyone comes with their short comings…mine don’t make me less of a beauty or unworthy of love. It makes me different from everyone and it’s my god given right to use my story to make a change…

 I Won’t worry if  I don’t see the change now,it’s coming…slow but sure wins the race and I’d rather take the long way than short cuts through.

A journey begins with the first step. I took that step this month and I’m hoping that all the people I took out my frustrations on will find it in their hearts to forgive me…




Malai Nepali khanna man parcha

that title basically translates to :- I love Nepali food ❤ ❤

read on to understand why:-)

Petrolia is a great place; Like astonishingly remarkable in all ways possible. The scenery is breathtaking and the ambiance is laid-back and hustles free unlike the city. The community here is beyond just the name ‘’community’’ they are a family. When the earthquake hit Nepal ( for those who follow the news and all that) this amazing bunch of people, of about 400 people, went out of their way to organize a feast and an auction to raise funds to build houses and aid people in Nepal get back on their feet. Isn’t that amazing?

Imagine a room full of people, live music, really good Indian food, the sounds of kids playing outside and the laughter of the old sweet couple in the corner just giggling the night away. Beautiful right? I’ve honestly never been envious of people like I am of them really. Such bonding and understanding of each other is just so fantastic…


Naan making with Uma 😛

adding to my list of great women:- Uma!!

adding to my list of great women:- Uma!!

i had to use those infamous cups. in it:- rice, chicken, daal, raita, potato salad and hot spicy indian sauce..

i had to use those infamous cups. in it:- rice, chicken, daal, raita, potato salad and hot spicy indian sauce..

Back to my story, ( I got abit sidetracked) So those who could help out with the food did; each person volunteering to cook something or bring something to the dinner. Other ways people helped was actually showing up and buying stuff, or cleaning up after the event was over. The event was running from 6pm to around 8pm. My host family was making Raita (sort of like a salad ish thing). At the dinner there were all kinds of Indian food; naan, Raita, rice, rice pudding, some samosa like looking thing; I forget their names honestly LOL… How primitive of me . A plate for an adult went for 15$ i.e. like Ksh. 1400 and for kids it was around Ksh. 950($10) a plate.

The auction had a variety of stuff: art, wine, food, firewood, jewelry, books. I know it sounds crazy but let me freak you out a lil bit more. So the firewood went for around 300 dollars; that would be about Ksh. 28800 for a single log of wood:-! Like yoh!!!! All for Nepal though right? I think we raised quite abit of money tonight and I’m glad I was able to witness such great ways to impact my community.
My lesson today: – I don’t have to do something really big to make a difference in someone’s life. Even the little is enough to someone without.

Anyway bed time (time is 11.18pm), I’m too fatigued to even proof- read this, so excuse any grammatical errors or peculiar sentences that don’t make sense… 😛

Have a great Sunday to all of you crazies… 😉 🙂



Remember when I said that I was new to the whole flying thing (which I’m certain most of y’all laughed your silly butts off) well when I landed in Zürich it became very obvious. I landed at gate E and from the screens I knew my next gate was gate D and I had a 45 minute lay over. In my head I was like this is easy as cake baking I mean< pshhh>. I was so sure the terminals were close to each other coz they follow the alphabetical order right?


Terminal D was all the way on the other side of the airport. Imagine a hassle-free black girl strolling on the passageways, using those flat escalator thingies, really enjoying pushing her carry-on baggage and then unexpectedly hearing, ‘’JULIE KEGE (I think they thought that’s how Chege is pronounced. Who knows with the Swiss) please come to terminal D57’’…I’m like wooooaahhhh….Now everything now seems foggy. My brain was yelling at me that I was GOING TO MISS MY FLIGHT…oh crap….I start running towards where I assume D is and it points me to go down. I’m looking around I’m all alone on the corridor and I can’t for the life of me see anywhere going down… arrrrghh men!

let me enlighten y’all what happens to Wangechi when she is nervous; She freezes. She can’t reason or do anything…like an ice carving really…

I finally see a staff guy walking around and I ask where terminal D 57 is and he stares at me like I’m the stupidest person on earth and begins to speak so fast in German and all I get is I’m late & I should run ..LOL! He takes my carry-on and we run down the corridor, turned like 15 corridors (I exaggerate alil bit) down an escalator, to an underground train. A TRAIN?? LIKE IN THE AIRPORT??. Julie is amazed. He screams directions at me and leaves me in the train and off it goes…

<SIDE BAR> this is also my first train ride ever and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!!! It was fast, clean, had really nice comforting music. Strange thing about it was at some places, you could hear cows mooing and I was like WTH is happening…LOL 😀 So I reach terminal D and my name is now on some sign (finally some acknowledgement yoh- booty jiggle) but there is a huge line ahead of me. Of course you would take the line too right? I’m looking around and I see everyone holding their passport but no one has their ticket and I’m all confused coz I’m like isn’t this the boarding terminal? The guy ahead of me didn’t know what I was saying but a nice couple told me that I was in the wrong place as this was customs… hahaha…Shit!!

I decided to just go in the opposite direction from the line coz I had no friggin’ clue where I was or was going. I didn’t have time to drag my carry-on so I put it on my head and ran like the Kenyan in me was born right there!

Story short, I made it to the gate on time. One has to take a bus from the gate to the plane and off I went. Being the last person to board, and adding that I was the only black fellow in that flight got me some uncanny looks, but who cares!! I’m going to London yoh… \o/ 😀

Stares out the window singing “London Bridge is falling down, falling down….”
*hums* 😛 🙂