its been a while no?

I recently read the “fuck boy’’ article (days after it broke the internet-pardon my bubble living) and it got me thinking about a lot of things. I really wanted to give my two cents on the editorial but considering Juliana, Kate, Amy and all other 14000 women and girls out there have already published their sentiments on the matter, i will spare you the rampage of a worn-out girl’s mind and get chatting on other issues.
Med school is no joke ladies and gentlemen!!!! My hair, the little that I have, has literally been falling off for the past two week. It’s really hard to focus especially when you have other fundamental things also demanding supremacy in your mind. With exams happening, the greatest mental block of all time I KID YOU NOT had me on a blogging spiral**started from the top now we here….sigh** (helllpppp )….so just like all other thousands and millions of people who have gotten the blogger bug, I went searching for blogger inspiration on other blogs and my can people write!!! (As I try and kill my green eyed monster here)
Here are some of the blogs that have recently caught my fancy and had me come up with ideas of articles coming soon:- ENJOY!!!

I apparently have a twin and she blogs too…my mama has a a lot of explaining to do here but check out this amazing witty blogger who has the capacity to blog about everything under the sun.

I have so much admiration for this lady right here. She is so talented and that voiceeeee…let me not even get started on that one heeee!!!! Take a look at her versatile blog that covers everything from music to art to living to…..nah I’m just ruining it for you…

I can write pages about this crazy lady and how much her story inspires me. I would write a book on how much she has been a friend when I needed one… I would write a speech on the phenomenal woman she is going to become but ill let you figure that on your own. Hehe

The budding bloom of a blogger this girl…… I love her!!!!!

If a man ever had balls I promise its this guy with the post Kenyan-men-are-not-the-problem-ladies-you-are. I give him a standing ovation for writing what Kenyan ladies need to here and learn from as well as taking the heat from some women on that post…

Anyway because I have an oral tomorrow let me leave it at that..

Wish me luck

as usual :-p

as usual :-p