the journey so far

hey there guys!!:)
sorry for the silence, I’ve been quite held up with school and reading for upcoming cats that my mind LITERALLY wrote on the blog but I guess it was all part of my daily daydreaming sessions I have nowadays..:/

How have y’all been fairing with the gratitude challenge?? quite a few of you got back to me and really made my day by joining forces with me to spread love, kindness and cheer in nairobi….Go us:) :+))

I have pictures of my experiences but since I am writing this inbetween a pediatric lecture and a pharmacology lecture bear with me .they shall come really soon..I promise hehe=_=

DAY1..- writing a thankyou letter..

I decided to randomly choose people in my class and just write a small thankyou notes…I was disappointed to find all my fancy paper was finished( but karatasi brand paper is still good right??^_^)
I think the response was person I wrote too came to ask me if I was stressed…hehe…I’m very fine guys :))

DAY2- pick up trash
this was very difficult honestly…not ati coz its picking trash but rather cos I was so busy on Saturday…
but I picked up some trash in the house so I hope that counts %)

DAY 3- Buy someone random a drink or food

okay this I didn’t do because I can do this in can do in bulk this Sunday the 25th…..there will be nyama choma at OVER THE HAY..come join me for cool games and plenty of laughter and I promise you great nyama choma that will caress your taste buds and take you to a whole different universe…

I’m a marketing guru I tell you >_<

day4- Share a great article..

guys,guys, guys have you heard about centonomy?? .I have this great desire to stop being dependent on my mother financially and this guys really helped me get to where I am today.Anyway so I heard about this class that happens once a week and in this class they teach you how to save your money and to supplement your income…so my article is….***drumrolls****

today(DAY5)- Give someone deserving a hug

still looking for theONE…hehehe

keep sending me your kindnss challenge experience…



Thanks so much for theΒ  comments and feedback coming through(on phone esp πŸ˜‰ ). Some are so hilarious though, ati “what if I eat at java for 2500??? :-D” LOL that just made me tear up…ANYWAYYYYY…… for those who have agreed to do the challenge with me day 1 is tomorrow( January 16th 2015.

Let’s join forces and spread kindness and love throughout the month

}-{}-{}- let us assume that's a human wave :-)

let us assume that’s a human wave

I shall be posting my daily experiences(with pictures definitely) so be on the lookout for those…

Do share your own and I could mash them up at the end of the month…

remember to share and spread the kindness wave πŸ™‚