One week in and …..

Hey there lovies, welcome back to The transform Wangechi into Wangechi 2.0.

The transformation began in earnest last week and like I told you guys, I had divided the 100 day challenge into sprints and I was working on the first leg of the race. Part one was to weigh myself and take measurements, find a motivational quote and to quit processed sugar and drinks. But heeehhhh…

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The whole weighing and taking measurements part was easy peasy. My sister helped me get all those measurements in and the quotes were easy to find. Beginning was amazing. I started out nicely with my challenge until I had to travel and that brought the first downward spiral. With the enthusiasm of travel, the whole challenge was pushed to the back of my mind and I forgot what goals I had set for myself. Today, Wednesday marks the end of the first 10 days( sprint one) and I must say that I am frustrated in myself quite a bit. I’m not taking it out on myself but  I am however slightly upset that I didn’t make better choices during this time which btw led me to adding weight instead of shedding. I can’t even get myself to take measurements because I can even feel my pants being abit too body-hugging ( LOL).

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So sprint 2 begins (Thursday 3rd May- Saturday 12th May) and I had to review and reset my goals with regard to how sprint one went down. My goals for the next 10 days include:

  1. Continuing with the no sugar/ processed drinks goal task

I will absolutely continue this until I have it on lockdown. I was researching on sugar and the damaging effects it has on our bodies and I actually stopped using it until I travelled. Isn’t it easier sometimes to just lock yourself in your house and hope the outside temptations just don’t get into your house? How I wish!!

just say no GIF by Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers

  1. Portion control

Now I won’t lie, I love love love my food. Good food is better than a lot of things that I can’t mention on here( haha). My hips don’t come from an upbringing of restricted eating. I love my chicken and pilau or whatever. My mum and sister are phenomenal cooks so our house is always an exhilarating place to be at dinner time when they are around.

I observed though that my plate could literally outmatch my elder brothers plate and some. You would think that I was a wrestler or body builder packing in that food like I was about to face The Rock in a fight.

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So this one too will be abit hard, but where there is a will there is a way.

I plan on gradually dropping the portion sizes until I get to half the original size which is something to look forward to!!


So yeah guys, that’s the update up until this point. For those who are doing the challenge with me I am super excited on hearing back from you about how your first ten days went.

Wish me luck lovies.  

As always,

Peace, love and avocados