Who says it’s a bad thing to fight like a girl?

On my life journey of embracing womanhood and being unashamedly woman I have started by reading a book called “fight like a girl” by Lisa Bevere. This is a book on realizing the power of being a woman in this generation that we are living in. Ironically this book has been sitting on my bookshelf for almost a year and I never felt as duty-bound to read it as I did once I completed the purity and purpose classes. So most of what I write will be a reference from that book; take it like a walk through learning my power (our power coz you might learn something  😛 ) as I read and share the book. I haven’t aligned the blog posts as per the chapters in her book though. Mine will be what God says I write, or you know. Hahaha.

It would be definitely weird if I started on this journey without really defining gender, sex, man woman, male and female. You’d be surprised at how many people actually don’t see the difference between the two and maybe that’s why there is a question in the definition of sex in the 21st century; where a person is born male but says he knows he is a woman (writing that gave me a headache BTW). It’s eerie that that’s what it has come down to; that even our constitution should specify what male and female is.

Webster defines male as: a person having X and Y chromosome in their nuclei in their core). Adjectives used to describe male is strong, straightforward/direct, courageous/ spirited, and virile (which means that they have a sexual/ procreative potency). Man is however defined as either an adult male or the human species in over-all.

Webster then defines female as: a person having 2 X chromosomes in their nuclei. Adjectives used to describe female include sensitivity/ compassionate/ understanding, gentleness/ tender, delicate, graceful, patient/ enduring , sensitive to moods( which I think is both good and bad LOL). Woman i.e. of man/from man( Worked Out of MAN) is defines as an adult human being who is biologically female and has the ability to bear children.

**I found out grace is linked to being elegant, beautiful, smoothness of form in movement and actions. It also means that there is a capacity to accommodate and forgive as well as extend mercy and favor (hahaha surely I am not graceful from that definition)

A lot of technical terms but bear with me; I am going somewhere. Lisa Bevere writes something commanding when defining gender saying;

Gender is a DNA core issue that cannot vary , no matter how much the physical exterior may be transformed”  Note that our culture, our society, our family, our friends/peers do not and will never have the bearing of changing our core; our DNA.

So why is it such a problem these days? Why are some people negating their gender saying they want to be the other? Have you realized that by just the definition of male and female, man and woman there is inter-dependency of the sexes? Note it is interdependent but not inter-changeable.

Man has the ability to initiate conception (i.e. being virile) but woman must be there to both carry the life and bear it. So knowing that, you recognize that there is nothing like a gender transformation, all you do is change the sexual function and response. Fine you can reorganize the exterior but your core is the same regardless of what is outside.

This however raises some questions for me; does it mean that men cannot be graceful, patient or sensitive? I t have met at least one guy (i.e. male) who is even more patient than I am as a woman. Also does that mean that women cannot be strong, or frank? Does it mean that as woman I am constrained to only the feminine qualities that have been used to describe woman? I want to be strong and courageous. I mean!!


Pondering on…


Love, peace and loads and loads of chocolate


P.S. I’m looking for scripture that defines what being a woman is so if you have any let me know..either through the comment section or on my page on Facebook..



Paul in the bible while in Rome was imprisoned in a rented house…he had armed guards and people watching his every move but he still talked of the gospel to all those who came to see him. Instead of focusing on the things that restricted him, he saw opportunities and possibilities to talk of God.
When I understood the fact that there are endless possibilities all around me, I stopped focusing on the things that didn’t matter. My mum likes to say that if a door closes; open the window. In as much as this sounds, easy its very terrifying; to try something new or do something that isn’t part of your daily routine…YIKES!!!

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been wondering why I feel stuck in a couple of areas in my life, from blogging, to school, in my relationships with others. Some parts were moving forward while others just seemed to be rooted in the mud and I was sinking in. In the same period of time a couple of my beliefs and close relationships were questioned and tried and in as much as it seems to have been weeks of hell over at WANGECHI’S world, things always get better.

In as much as a situation seems bleak there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Let me explain; in the same period of weeks, I’ve learnt the true meaning of forgiveness. I had to forgive myself for the wrong I have done to myself and others in order for me to forgive others. I’ve learnt that compromise happens in all relationships and is an integral part of humanity. Not everyone will see things from your perspective and understanding their point of view gives you a much better view into your own. Am I making any sense?? 😐


You are currently facing something in your life yes? Well do this one thing for me, close your eyes and consciously take three deep breathes. Once your done
think of a happy moment in your life, a moment that you presume gave you the best feeling in the world: done? OK

• NOW think of this scenario you’re going through and do a sandwich theory…think of a good thing that may come out of this experience…savor in this moment…now think of a negative thing that may come out of this experience…are you with me??
• okay now find a solution to that bad thing and think of the great lessons you will learn from this experience….

See you’ve thought of three good outcomes of your situation…focusing on your positive chi is way better than tapping into that ugly dark part in us 🙂

Keep practicing…its working for me 😛


When I have a lot on my mind, I normally take myself to the most serene place I’ve ever been to. I reconstruct the moment in my head and in that beautiful peaceful place, I try and dig deep to try and figure out what I need to do, my next step my next move. My most peaceful place was at lost coast camp. It had this stunning meadow right at the front. Blossoming flowers, herbs, different kind of plants and animals were there with me. All silent, brooding, each creating a sweet melody of calmness and peace. In that space I would reflect, figuring out what lessons I am getting to learn along the way as I was traveling alone and getting out of my comfort zone in meeting new people.
Learning to calm myself down before making decisions is the greatest lesson I would say I taught myself during the summer. So whenever I feel like my stress levels are raising, I hold on to my camp medallion and go back to that sweet spot and take a deep breath. In that moment I tell myself that I am in control over everything, I remind myself that God doesn’t put anything before me before it has HIS sanction that I can overcome it. Once the notion that I, Wangechi has already in the future, at some point or another overcome the situation I am in, it stops being such a great jumble in my mind. I already see the victory without even knowing the journey taken to acquire it. I see fulfillment and happiness that knows no bound. I see myself smiling from ear to ear thanking GOD for taking me through a valley so that I can see the beauty at the mountain top.

So you right there, why are you in despair about your current situation? Why are you worried about anything? Doesn’t the bible demand of you to take it to the LORD in prayer? Why are you carrying such a heavy burden when you have someone asking you to let HIM carry it for you?

Think about it for a second, so you have this heavy package right; say it weighs around 10kgs and you are told to walk/carry it for a day. just one day, you wouldn’t refuse I mean such an easy task right? The conditions are that you aren’t meant to stop your daily life as you carry it; so as you go to school or work or shower even its constantly with you. You agree!!
So you begin the task at hand, first it’s in your arms but those run out of energy and you shift the weight to your head. Of course your neck will grow stiff at the weight of it. Next you shift it to your back. Your spine can carry a lot but considering you still have to go about your daily duties your back can’t carry your own weight plus an extra for so long. Soon your dragging it around cursing and panting asking yourself when you’ll be able to get rid of that load.
Now imagine this guy walking up to you at the beginning telling you that he wants to carry the load for you for free. First you’ll be like WHAAAATTTTT? FOR FREE? But then some of you (not all) will say/think that you are brave enough to carry it; so you refuse and tell the guy to watch you carry it.>

Halfway through the day he comes back and asks the same thing but you are obstinate and refuse, challenging him again to look at you go. who does he think he is right? telling you what to do or cannot do!!! Three quarters through you meet him again and he sees how tired you are and he offers you one more time. This time your ego is wounded because he can clearly see how tired and weary you are. You ask yourself why he would want to carry your entire luggage for free and when you do ask, he says he says that he has dedicated his life to helping people offload their luggage for him to carry for them. You hand it over to him and before you know it time flies by and it’s time for you to hand over the luggage. Looking at him you see and wonder how he isn’t tired at all. That’s Jesus for ya… 🙂

Don’t wait until your so exhausted carrying all your troubles around to hand it over..Just do it. He assures you of grace in the process and sooner rather than later, that season will pass and you will no longer have any luggage to carry.
I urge y’all to find a nice quiet place where you can offload your luggage to GOD.
If you don’t believe in God well I believe you believe in something so give it to that too…

Life is simple really…we just have to know when to let go and when to hold on. Not everything or everyone is meant to be part of your story. Somethings are just meant to be in some chapters of it. 🙂

Chin up..
You are loved!!!! ❤ ❤

With love



There is a sense of vulnerability that comes with blogging. One bears bits and pieces of themselves even when they are blogging on fashion, social events etc. How one writes their piece is a glimpse into their mind, their character, their world and to me that is a lot. Now imagine being appreciated for showing the world a glimpse of your soul? Isn’t that just frigging amazing?
For me blogging was an outlet for some if not all of my “demons”. Blogging opened me up to accept criticism and love in equal measure. It made me associate with people I had never met before. It made me wholesome and beholden to human interaction; from being an introvert to being ME. The internet I have discovered can be a great place….it has decided to appreciate female bloggers and guess who was nominated….yeiiiiii (dancing***). Some of the finest female bloggers came up with the “sisterhood of the bloggers award” where once nominated you also get to recommend amazing female bloggers and appreciate them as well.

the power of yoga :-)

the power of yoga 🙂

So I am to answer some questions to help y’all figure me out some more (how can you not know me by now though? ).Hehe 🙂 😉
1. If you could be an animal what would you be and why?
Wait aren’t we animals already? Hehe…my biology classified me as a mammal…were they wrong all along?? LOL…anyway if I was to be an animal I would want to be a leopard…it is beautiful, fast, lithe, wild, free & strong. It shows a brashness of defiance as if it recognizes just how significant it is. I like that. I WANT TO BE THAT. :-p

2. What legacy would you like to leave behind?
If you know me personally you know I’m a loud girl. My laughter is explosive and my reactions sometimes are wild. However when it comes to legacy and matters close to me, I don’t like them being flamboyant and marked. I would want to leave a legacy discernible by inspiration I have inculcated in one person….if I could touch one person’s life and make them have confidence in in their amazingness, beauty and strength then I am satisfied with that. But then again, God has a plan for me…my legacy is in His plan so I await to see the marvels He has in store for me.
3. One thing I love about myself and why?
It’s been a few months of my virtuous train (i.e. saying one good thing to myself about myself). If you’ve been reading my blog you read on the things I love about myself. I love a lot about myself now…. However the one thing I have come to love MOST about myself is my smile…does that makes me vain? /o\
4. What would you like to change about yourself and why?
My body definitely; on occasion I feel like I should be a certain way and other days I know I am beautiful…Like I said it’s a journey I am taking with myself to appreciate me and the faults I have. Sometimes it’s better to see the positive than the negative right?
5. If you could fly for a day where would you go?
Sadly I have never been on a plane before, all I have done is admire their architecture in books, magazines, and on seeing them up close the few times I am on Lang’ata road, So for now my dream would just be to board one that is actually going somewhere, like Madagascar.* my dreams are valid** 🙂 🙂

6. If you could have a supernatural power what would it be?
For a second I thought of mind reading but I figure hearing other peoples thoughts would be freaky on a daily basis. If I was to have a super power, I would want to have the capability to fly. Call me superwoman…hehehhe….
7. Where would you like to live and why?
Hey there Greece, I’m coming to you *wink wink**
Culture, scenery and the beauty of the place….
8. If you could meet anyone who would it be?
Past– I would love to meet Wangechi at 14…to tell her and reassure her that no one has the capacity to hurt her other than herself. I would have been saved a lot of anguish and tears in my teens if I knew that little fact.
Present- I’m going to be a little shady and say Cookie, no not Taraji; I WANT to hang out with the character cookie!!!
Future– I’d like to meet my teenage daughter and just see if she turned out as great as I imagine her to be.
9. Why do I blog?
Lately I’ve been asking myself this question. At first I started out so that I could have a way to exorcise my demons lightly putting it, but now I have grown to liking the experience of sharing something enlightening. Blogging to me is an adventure. It is a way to stir something in people, letting them know that some experience; however lonely it is to go through them; they actually aren’t alone. But then again not all my posts will be moving, some will be outright bizarre. I’m trying out a variety of things…who knows what I will land upon and like.
10. Would you consider yourself happy?
Happiness is a state of mind…if you believe you are pleased you will exude happiness. If you believe you are miserable and brokenhearted you will be sad and you will hurt…
Your mind is your most powerful weapon, both against yourself and against others.

My nominees are these outstanding ladies who have found ways of breathing life into words. They use words to uplift, encourage, bring laughter and just being incredible in general… Check them out…
And without further ado….****drum-rolls*******
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To the tagged you may nominate others and answer the questions as tagged. 🙂




I Know Me

I wake up and look in the mirror and I ask myself how I can look pretty, how I can enhance my beauty and make me look like so and so; I have fought and struggled to be beautiful, I have cried and toiled to get glowing skin and to lose a few kilos here and there so that I can squeeze into the latest fashion and look like “her”…..

But I am tired of the struggle to be who I am not. I am me

I am Wangechi, the girl with the infectious laugh, and the twinkle in her eye. I am the fat girl with the big smile,big tummy, big thighs but none the less big heart

.I am the girl who has gone through hell and back but has made it here;-to this moment in time, triumphant and more ambitious to get to where she is going. I am the girl who will will cry and laugh at the same moment, through the same eyes shows fear and shows strength.

My eyes are open and are seeing the world shape around me and will not be left behind. I will conquer all that you will bring to me. Watch me and you will see me rise up from the ashes to break every chain set against me.


I am imperfect but through my imperfections I am seen as perfect, maybe not to you but to those that matter. To God I am more beautiful that any other human being and nothing else matters.

Wonderful week ahead to you imperfect perfect friends…