Strike 2

Heyya  lovely humans. How are you? Can you imagine another ten days have passed by? And it’s been three weeks since I started this challenge? Yippee doodoo guys, it’s been that long. Time is passing us by faster than …well I have nothing to compare it to right now. This post is going to be short because it was abit harder to post than the others. I promised myself to be open, honest and vulnerable with myself and others during this journey and I have to keep my word at least yes?

 Have you ever just wanted to quit something? Have you ever wanted something really badly but its like your body fights the mind with what it wants? I know someone will tell me that mind over matter. I know all this, however, it just seems like nothing I am doing is working.

I want to be completely honest with you guys on these 100 days but maannn I don’t know how long I can take failure after failure you know?

Maybe being on vacation as this challenge started maybe is the cause of my not achieving all that I thought it would have by the time this three weeks have gone by…

Anyway, so I have decided to restart the journey as from tomorrow, though I am not changing my timeline. I think I really just want to be sure that I have committed my all into this new phase of my life because I know that once this 100 days are locked in I can surely achieve anything I want..

So phase one here I come once again. Wish me luck and pray for me guys

So yeah guys, that’s it for me.

See you on the next one



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