Dear Kenyans

I write to you today as an individual because I believe that decisions are made at an individual level.

I once heard a story of a man walking down a street. He could hear a dog howling and crying out and because he is a lover of dogs he set out to find where the dog was and how he could help it. A few houses down he found an old man sitting outside his house and his dog was crying out loudly in pain. In shock he asked the man why he wasn’t doing anything about the dog. The old man explained that the dog was sitting on a nail.

“So why won’t you move the dog?” The man asked
The old man replied,” the dog isn’t feeling as much pain for it to move itself, so why should I bother moving him?”

I read this story and thought of us as a country.We are the dog in this story.

We lament and cry out about the state of affairs but we do nothing to help ourselves.

We cry out in pain when our neighbour is injured by police,

we cry out when our daughters and sons are turned away from hospital because of the doctors and nurses strike.

We get angry when teachers strike because our children will stay home and we can’t feed them coz our economy is kinda messed up. Despite all this we do nothing about it.We sit and talk about it with our friends but that’s the end of that story.I’m guilty of it too.

However the most shocking of it all, is how despite sharing the same problems with our neighbour, we pick up stones to injure them because they do not associate in the same political lines as we do.
We have turned a friendly, generous people into hounds out for blood.
Politicians have turned us against each other, have made us angry with each other when the fault lies not with us,but solely on them.
We post angry, hateful, tribal messages online, sharing them via all social media platforms thinking it Is cool to threaten each other.

Where are we going?What are we doing? Do we want to go back to the same place we were in, in 2007 because of two men and their affiliates?
Do we want to scream bloody hell now, to stop the bloodshed that is most definitely coming, and instead scream out WE ARE ONE!!?👏

👪 WE SHOULD BE ONE when the doctors & nurses strike happen, fighting for better services across our health sector.

👪 WE SHOULD BE ONE when the lecturers and teachers strike because our children and all future generations deserve quality standard teaching and learning facilities.

👪 WE SHOULD BE ONE in times of famine and drought, helping each other out with love and kindness.

👪 WE SHOULD BE ONE especially during elections because my neighbor shares in my pain when fuel prices are increased midmonth, when ugali flour suddenly disappears in the shops, when because of poor economy we’ve lost our jobs.

So dear Kenyans, my one request is that for the next two weeks before this upcoming election, we spread peace and share love. We foster kindness and spread joy.

Let us show our children that there is joy in having 45 different cultures and communities living In ONE country. That we are a fuller and richer country because our differences unite us.

Share love and Spread peace

Always, Wangechi


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