Who says it’s a bad thing to fight like a girl?

On my life journey of embracing womanhood and being unashamedly woman I have started by reading a book called “fight like a girl” by Lisa Bevere. This is a book on realizing the power of being a woman in this generation that we are living in. Ironically this book has been sitting on my bookshelf for almost a year and I never felt as duty-bound to read it as I did once I completed the purity and purpose classes. So most of what I write will be a reference from that book; take it like a walk through learning my power (our power coz you might learn something  😛 ) as I read and share the book. I haven’t aligned the blog posts as per the chapters in her book though. Mine will be what God says I write, or you know. Hahaha.

It would be definitely weird if I started on this journey without really defining gender, sex, man woman, male and female. You’d be surprised at how many people actually don’t see the difference between the two and maybe that’s why there is a question in the definition of sex in the 21st century; where a person is born male but says he knows he is a woman (writing that gave me a headache BTW). It’s eerie that that’s what it has come down to; that even our constitution should specify what male and female is.

Webster defines male as: a person having X and Y chromosome in their nuclei in their core). Adjectives used to describe male is strong, straightforward/direct, courageous/ spirited, and virile (which means that they have a sexual/ procreative potency). Man is however defined as either an adult male or the human species in over-all.

Webster then defines female as: a person having 2 X chromosomes in their nuclei. Adjectives used to describe female include sensitivity/ compassionate/ understanding, gentleness/ tender, delicate, graceful, patient/ enduring , sensitive to moods( which I think is both good and bad LOL). Woman i.e. of man/from man( Worked Out of MAN) is defines as an adult human being who is biologically female and has the ability to bear children.

**I found out grace is linked to being elegant, beautiful, smoothness of form in movement and actions. It also means that there is a capacity to accommodate and forgive as well as extend mercy and favor (hahaha surely I am not graceful from that definition)

A lot of technical terms but bear with me; I am going somewhere. Lisa Bevere writes something commanding when defining gender saying;

Gender is a DNA core issue that cannot vary , no matter how much the physical exterior may be transformed”  Note that our culture, our society, our family, our friends/peers do not and will never have the bearing of changing our core; our DNA.

So why is it such a problem these days? Why are some people negating their gender saying they want to be the other? Have you realized that by just the definition of male and female, man and woman there is inter-dependency of the sexes? Note it is interdependent but not inter-changeable.

Man has the ability to initiate conception (i.e. being virile) but woman must be there to both carry the life and bear it. So knowing that, you recognize that there is nothing like a gender transformation, all you do is change the sexual function and response. Fine you can reorganize the exterior but your core is the same regardless of what is outside.

This however raises some questions for me; does it mean that men cannot be graceful, patient or sensitive? I t have met at least one guy (i.e. male) who is even more patient than I am as a woman. Also does that mean that women cannot be strong, or frank? Does it mean that as woman I am constrained to only the feminine qualities that have been used to describe woman? I want to be strong and courageous. I mean!!


Pondering on…


Love, peace and loads and loads of chocolate


P.S. I’m looking for scripture that defines what being a woman is so if you have any let me know..either through the comment section or on my page on Facebook..