A new beginning.

For the past ten weeks I have been doing a class called PURITY AND PURPOSE. It is a class for women, on how to discover their purpose in God as well as strategize on remaining pure in body, heart and mind. Various topics were covered; some very painful, others but a reminder of who women are as per Gods view.

I went to that class for self-regarding reasons, reasons I won’t share here. Were my reasons/goals met? Yes and no. Yes because I discovered a lot about myself( who I was when no one was looking, who am I NOW that no one is looking too) and I was also able to let go of a lot of baggage that I had( some I knew I was carrying, defiantly, others I didn’t even know I had). No because I still have a few areas that need molding, but then again Rome was not assembled in one day.
Through that amazing course I discovered that I want to support women. I want to create an environment where women can selfishly be women without having to act all tough and have-it-together when all they require is a space of love and comfort. I believe that is my purpose and it somehow answers the long asked question about this blog. What is its purpose? Who is its target? What part should it play in society? What’s my goal with this blog? The past two years have been up and down trying to figure this question and it really affected my writing ( as you may have noticed) but I think I have it figured out now; well rather God has, I’m just going to be following His key strokes..

So in that regard what will this blog be all about??
It will be about being UN-apologetically woman. It will be about my journey as a woman, discovering my femininity, discovering my role in Gods Kingdom as a female. It will be about the highs and lows of womanhood; the good and the bad; the appropriate and the inappropriate and like I said; in accordance to what God wants me to say in this journey that he has started me on.

This will be personal stories so bear with me as I reveal some really delicate stuff; don’t judge for I am very much human with emotions and a heart that may easily bruise.


so with that I welcome you to JustWangechi, experiencing life as Woman for God in the world.
Peace love and marshmallows  🙂

(yeah, hints for gifts will be coming your way as well 😛 )


Dear younger me

Dear younger me,

Sometime when your 18, you’ll sit in bed and wonder why your here on this planet; on this earth when nothing is going right.

Sometime when your twenty, you’ll try and end your life only to be stopped by some voice in your head telling you that tomorrow will be better and it was.

Someday day when your twenty, you’ll start a blog mostly wanting to write about the things that touch into your deepest corners and for the people who need it the most only to feel like you’ve failed at it before you even began.

Someday you’ll be twenty two and you’ll be in bed, under the mosquito net, after a long day in labor ward and think, God is good all the time and all the time he is good.

Baby girl I just want to tell you you are loved, admired and adored by so many. I know it doesn’t seem like it now😖😖 because your being made fun of about your weight and your personality; but girl stand up and put that chin up because you are IT. You are beautiful, amazing, successful, loving and caring lady. So what if those kids don’t like you? So what if they say your ugly because you developed faster than they did?psshh..that’s being superior unless I’m told otherwise.

If I Could go back in time and change something, it would be trying to solve everyone’s problems and forget that mine were staring down my shirt waiting to make a fool out of me.

You’ve learnt how to be selfish and to be okay with it. You’ve learnt to accept what you can’t change( like your hair growing at phenomenally slow pace..oops I forgot..you cut your hair and no you didn’t die)😂😂

So baby girl would you learn to love who you are And love it like tomorrow does not exist. Try all the thigs that take you out of your comfort zone. Love mightily and live fully.

Reserve those kind hugs and kisses. Keep your arms fisted and fight off any weirdos who only desire to ruin your beauty and purity; they ain’t worth it.

Seek God with all your heart because He loves us and wants us to be the best that we can be. Read his word and pray and pray earnestly because he will be the only one who will understand and stick by your side when you feel deserted. Snuggle into his love and presence and never let go even when you feel otherwise.

You made it girl, and I know now seems bleak but I assure you that things get better and easier to deal with. 😊😊
You grow up to be a warrior so keep fighting…😎😎
Ps. We are cool kids
❤❤❤❤22 year old you