DO YOU!!!!!

your only job in this world is to Be You, Do you to the best of YOUR ability..- unknown


When I woke up today, I felt as if my life was so far behind everyone else’s. People’s lives were moving forward while I was stuck in this limbo stage where I neither moved forward nor backwards. Every idea I have ever had was still in the “idea phase” while others were implementing and working towards their goals and you could see their progress. I disliked seeing them move and my life just festering and I asked God why me? Why am I still struggling with some simple things like self-esteem and confidence issues?

A few hours later it hit me and it hit me hard!!!

Why are you comparing yourself to other people when you haven’t had the same opportunities given to you?

I began to wonder, what does that mean? Don’t we all have equal opportunities in life? Don’t we all get the same education plan and learn the same things day to day?

The answer is no. See you were born into a distinctive situation that God knew you could handle and sustain. You were born to those parents who are fundamental to your story of life. Your siblings, your cousins, your friends are all mapped out on a great plan that is UNIQUE just for YOU. The school you went to, the people you met, that teacher, that driver who if you look back on today, you would see just how much they impacted your life and your story.

So why are we always in a race with others and not ourselves? Why aren’t we striving as a generation to be better than we were yesterday? Comparison of self to others is just one way of setting yourself up for failure in the BIGGEST way possible. You can’t even compare yourself to your sibling because along the way they did something you didn’t. They interacted with people you didn’t and created a mindset that even you didn’t. Even twins can’t always turn out to be the same in every single aspect.

We need to learn to compete with the demons that tell us that we aren’t good enough like person Y. We need to shush those voices of insecurity and tell them that today you did something that you couldn’t do yesterday. You did something you can be proud of tomorrow or next week or ten years from now because it changed your perception of how things operate within you.

Tomorrow won’t change if today is still spent looking at other people’s lives and wanting them. Every minute wasted today is an hour wasted tomorrow. What do I mean? The time you waste today admiring someone’s life and wanting that life will mean tomorrow you will attempt to do the same thing they did ignoring the fact that you are working to imitate someone else’s life instead of building your own . I’m not saying that it is bad to look at other people’s lives; what I mean is that gain motivation from theirs and channel it into bettering yourself. Stop wanting the same things they have and ensure that you get the things you want today.

Let’s stop wasting today, let’s use it, let’s channel the daylight and the night into building that career, that business, that relationship, that body, that mindset, that family and let’s stop using the phrase “goals” when looking into other people’s lives. Make your goals YOURS, create your space, your niche, your place in society!!!

Live your life today in the best possible way; go out and travel even if it’s just to the park or to the mall. Make each moment in your life a memory that you will never forget.

And don’t forget that your happiness is determined by your actions.


I’m hoping that on the days I am looking over my shoulder into someone else’s life I will come back here and read this in order to stop wanting their life. And I hope that you have gained something out of this in one way or another.


I wish you luck on your life journey

May peace and love and joy flow with you always





This letter goes out to anyone and everyone that I have come across and our relationship bloomed then fell apart. It goes out to my past friends and best friends, to ex boyfriends and old nemesis’s..

It isn’t much that one can say other than we had a good run right? Most probably I held on to the friendship for way longer than it should have. The expiry date way long overdue and there I was catching fumes to a flame that was already put out. If life has taught me anything in my 23 years of existence is to hold on to friendships but let go If need be..and unfortunately life used you as a guinea pig in its atrocious ways of teaching me a lesson. 
I could go on and on about being sorry for what I may or may not have done. I won’t do that; because that would mean I am also sorry for what we had and I’m not in anyway apologizing for the memories and the laughs we had. 
Our time to say goodbye has come and gone but part of me was Still wishing and hoping that things would change; you know..go back to how things were before.  I tried to change ME,  to change some of the traits you said put you off and didn’t like that experience one but!!! I tried to figure out how to hide parts of me so that I could appease you but I realised that I won’t be living if I did.
How can I preach “be yourself” when I’m hiding behind a facade of everything that I am not. I am loud and boisterous. Somedays I’m kind; some days I judge a lot. Sometimes my mouth runs before my brain so I end up saying things I shouldn’t. I laugh loud but I easily cry to things that touch my heart. I love community welfare but detest communal personality. I’m rowdy but I sometimes have moments of intense depression and anxiety…I am me! Dedicated to my work and family. Dedicated to self improvement in every aspect of my life. 
Nothing is as good as living a life without any inhibitions. Look at the young and old..they don’t give a hoot who cares about what they are or are not doing. I unfortunately put so much energy focused on you liking me that I forgot to like and love myself. 
So I’m saying goodbye, adios, kwa heri, aureviour…
👋👋I’m saying goodbye to all the perceptions that I put forward in order to make you like me.
👋👋I’m saying goodbye to the hope that we will ever get back to the place we were before we parted ways
👋👋I’m saying goodbye to the ideology of perfection within relationships of any kind.
👋👋I’m saying goodbye to pretence and fakenessess that seems to be spreading virally within our generation.
👋👋I’m saying goodbye to all the Pent up emotion that came with our friendship/ relationship 
Regardless of it all I want to Thank you for all that you taught me. One discovers themselves through their interaction with others so I thank you for helping me build this wonderful lady.😊😊😊 She is finally ready to live beyond the barriers of normalcy and expectations. 
Thank you for showing me what I should work on and what I should never change.
Life is a journey, everyone must walk it. We may walk together or separately but meet ahead.
 I speak blessings and love to each and every one of you. 
May peace, love and happiness from avocadoes follow you forever..
With love…