Love always❤❤

I’m so angry and disappointed in myself and my generation right now. Everything and everyone is self centered and selfish;Myself included to say the truth.This is to the generation x/y/z..but whatever they call us really doesn’t matter..The world has noticed our naivety and how gullible we are.It has noticed how easy it is to sway us from one notion to another with Just one word or just one sentence.It has noticed how cheap we are; like child plastacine we can be manhandled to become anything they want us to be..this is for us self centered bastards walking around with a chip on our shoulders thinking” we are IT”; that “we have made it” ..sit down because I’m angry: I’m tired and I’m frustrated.

When did we change?? I grew up loving myself, loving my friends who came in so many different personalities that it was Christmas every time we were was sparkly lights and different songs all mashed up into one Zen palatial musical; you couldn’t get bored…I mean, Ashley was this rock chick who would tell you as it is, Beatrice was the sweetest, always looking out for everyone but feisty in her own way, charity was loud and boisterous the life of the party,Diane was the genius..always knew how to get something done fast and effectively…together we were spice girls, Destiny child, backstreet boys and marvel agent of shield and when we parted we knew how to tap into each of that.. what happened to that person? The versatile human who loved music that actually said something and loved to do things, enjoy life, laugh at whatever made them happy and not because everyone is laughing..I know…social media..

Its’s brought change, it’s simplified communication, lessened the big gap that was between cultures and countries…it has its good…but it’s brought bad..
I mean your probably reading this coz you’ve seen it on social media, or I’ve shared it with you but I must admit this is the devil incarnate..🙈🙈.It has enabled us to break the commandment do not covet..Snap chat, instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…and all the other platforms out there have made it possible to see into other peoples” lives” so easily that we begin to crave them..the little 30 sec videos or 140 characters of pure Gore put there makes you believe that their life is much better than yours…right? You see a pic of a couple doing normal relationship stuff and you go goals…what frickery is that??

When did we change into such materialistic people? When did we start putting appearance, money, clothes, sex or rather the ideology of it before the wellness and purity of our true selves? When did we deviate from wanting to be ourselves to wanting to be a replica of someone else? So what if you have a rocking body and the latest device and you have tonnes of friends …rather acquaintances calling you up. Who cares??Happiness that is based on fleeting things isn’t true happiness😥😥Here you are trying to be someone else , jealous of their life;rather their lifestyle so you decide you’ll take abit of their personality and persona to what extent??

Do you think these people your trying to imitate worry that they aren’t someone else?? Smh..these people are living their lives and making a penny from stupid!! Do you think Kim Kardashian wakes up In the morning and goes like” I’ll try be beyonce or nonsense like that?? No…that woman does herself and does not give a hoot what others say.. and here you are bleaching your skin and dieting some weird bull of raw eggs and water for two weeks so that you look like her. Then you top it all off with 15 layers of make
up and post a picture on social media saying ” doing me!!”..girl please…

I’m tired of meeting the same person in different individuals..the same materialistic goals and mindset is everywhere… Our generation is lost…is utterly confused with the notion of self preservation and is in with the dogs…your competing with the same version of someone that isn’t you ;trying to appease a sex that doesn’t care for that shit..dudes I admit are visual creatures but don’t you think they are tired of seeing the same thing every day..

Embrace yourself ladies, be the best YOU not the best of a celebrity who really isn’t a celebrity.we are here idolozing people who are as messed up as we are but you assume their lives are so good that You forget to live your own. When will you realise that in the end they won’t come to bail you out coz you look a little bit like them??

Stop wanting things that change on the daily …tomorrow the style will be different from the style that’s being rocked today, so what will happen then? Will you be someone totally different tomorrow in order to fit in or would you rather being yourself that can adapt to different situations..

Get healthy💪💪, wear your hair in all its dimensions, straight, frizzy, crazy , and short. 👸👸👴👴👯

Rock your scars and thighs…there Is nothing like a beach body👎👎…

there is nothing like the perfect body, there is nothing like the perfect relationship that you should aim to have💑💑

there Is absolutely nothing like the perfect self.🙏🙏💃💃🙇🙇

Love who you are today ❤..

❤❤ love your laugh, your cry, your personality, your crooked tooth and your ingrown toenail.

❤❤ love your smile and your chipped nail. ❤❤Love your ass and your abs or rather soon to be abs…

just in overall love you. Forget about everyone else and love what you see in the mirror. She/he is perfect in your own way…

if you don’t like something work on it but don’t go changing yourself to appease society .society is a drunk ass man trying to walk a straight road…it will sway and fall short of itself thinking it is walking a straight path…leave that alone!!!

Never apologize for how you feel. No one can control how they feel. The sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. The rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. Feelings just are.”
—Iain S. Thomas