I’m feeling 22 :-)

Hey there my beauties, kings and queens. It’s a happy birthday to me!! Yippee \O/!!!!!! I’m feeling every inch of 22 whatever that means hahaha… 🙂 Today, cold but beautiful with the sun peeping out to tell me that it’s always sunny beyond the clouds; happiness despite the circumstances and yes I will be happy and celebrate albeit being broke, tired and stressed out by school (but that is another topic for another day and blog).

Last year, I made a list of 21 things to do while I was 21 and I’m thinking it’s high time I share. Since turning 20, I’ve been making lists of things to do during that year; yes like resolutions but better because this are things ranging from the stupidest to the biggest and most grandiose gestures you can think of. I’ve always been told that I was rigid, that I color too much within the lines and never get out of my comfort zone. Well guess who decided to branch out and surprise herself, to just jump in and just enjoy the moment without thinking of pros and cons of things? me timid little me…I DID IT…

Can I get a woot woot!!!!

My list was something I wrote and shared with my mother and grandmother. My mom knowing how reserved I am, was soooooo shell-shocked you would think it told her I was getting “I don’t know a nose ring” (I should have said that though. Her expression would have been priceless). To some of you my list would seem trivial and lacking creativity, but to me this was a list of things/places I have never been or done before. This was a way to get me exploring myself, learning myself through immersion into various activities however petty some I’m sure may be.

So here are the things I wrote down over a year ago… (PS this was a very hard thing to share…but hey!!!

The things I was able to accomplish include:-
1. Travel outside the country
Hello there America. You were good to me. You taught me to be independent and handle a new culture and ideology with sanity and a smile. You brought me very cool people who taught me how to let go and just have fun…”live-my-age” as they say.

2. Be a mentor
Lost Coast Camp!!!!! You brought me the liveliest of kids with great stories of strength and survival that made some of the things I complain about seem trivial. Mentoring is such fun.

3. Experience a sunset/sunrise
I met a guy called Gordy (hey Serella 🙂 ) who took me to a reggae concert over a long weekend. That was one awesome concert btw; anyway I digress. Gordy’s place in Petrolia California (on top of a stunning hill) gave me a spectacular view of the ocean with the sun rays bouncing off the water to give a precious unforgettable view of beauty.
During those beach hikes as well, as we slept on the beach and had “camp fire”, that view, that atmosphere of tranquility and quiet was amazing.

4. Dye my hair!!
Hahaha…remember when I spontaneously cut it and dyed it red?! My mother was so shocked she asked me if I was feeling ok and normal. After a few days I was so scared that I had drawn attention onto myself that I wanted to go dye it black again but then some cute guy ( girls will be girls) said I looked hot so it stayed…

5. Go on a road trip…
From northern California to LA; from LA to Vegas; from Vegas to Kansas!!!

6. Read a book on a subject you’ve never thought about reading
The other month I read a book on financial freedom.. I’m not a fan of books that tell you what to do but for sure I did learn a lot more than I thought I would.

7. Dance a combination of Lingala, Shakira and moon-dance…
During camp fire; circle time turns you into someone else for sure….thank God for no recording devices…that was horribly embarrassing but extremely fun and liberating

8. Go on a blind date
Never again for sure…that was so awkward!!!!!

9. Learn a new language.
Duo-lingo is doing a fine job of teaching me French for sure!! I’m just lacking in commitment on that one

10. Public speaking.
Over the hay makes me do enough of this. Hahaha. Oh guys…before I forget; 24th of April it resumes yeiiiiii…so make sure you and you and you as well come with your friends and family ok? Come one and all!

11. Take a yoga class
And a year later I’m loving what I have accomplished!!!!

What didn’t I accomplish on my list:
12. Go on a train ride
13. Get a custom made coat
14. Teach myself how to ride a motor bike
15. Bungee jumping
16. Have project you and me running( really saddened that I didn’t get this going)

17. GP karting( almost did this but I can’t remember why the plans changed…sigh)

18. Get to my ideal weight
To be honest this is a struggle and hard point for me but I did manage to fall in love with the body I have. I realize that sometimes we strive for things that are so inachievable and because I compared myself to someone else’s progress it was harder to even keep going with this one.
But now….hahaha…damn straight I love it all, every nook every crevice, every bump and each cellulite mark.

19. Spa day.

20. Finish the kindness challenge
I started this one but ended it some time. I got sidetracked with school and life and I know that isn’t a good excuse but I’ll get right back to doing so.

21. Go to a random place with no itinerary and enjoy the moment
Still working on it

So this year begins with Wangechi making another list of the 22 things to do while she is twenty two…sounds achievable right? I can’t wait to see what this journey brings me and who I meet along the way coz that is what matters more right? hopefully I’ll get to accomplish all I have set my mind to do this year. 🙂

Thank you all for the wishes on social media and email…

I appreciate you and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the 20s takes us…

Buckle up shall we? 🙂 🙂


welcome back…or not?

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go – T.S Eliot




Everyone needs to take a break for a while right?. A break to relax; to smell the roses. A pause to seek deeper and discover yourself. A pause to seek guidance; an opportunity to re-strategize. For the past three months, I took a break from blogging. It wasn’t a rush resolution. I was experiencing what one would call a “writers block”. I was feeling drained, overwhelmed from juggling school, my personal life and still find it in myself to tell a story, to inspire and to impart something into those who read this blog.

Most of all, I was scared. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be good enough to continue writing. I was scared that what I wrote wouldn’t be enough to keep people reading and that was the breaking point. I needed to take a pause to discover the reason I write; my main purpose to have JustWangechi. But no one told me it would be easy. It should be though coz I mean I needed to have had a reason when I started but the reason was elusive for weeks. Arrghhhh!!!! :-O I tried to write, to test the waters again, but I would get one sentence in and I would freeze.my brain would freeze my fingers would freeze and I would start seeing the reasons I would fail.

It hit me one day in class, in the middle of a lecture when you kinda-sorta zone out but your mind is working at supernormal speed. Earlier that day I met with a friend of mine who had been asking me when I would write again. I hated being asked why I stopped or when I would write another post coz to be honest I wasn’t coming back. Fear was so great inside me of failing that it froze my mind. But in the middle of that lecture it hit me; I wasn’t writing for attention. I wasn’t writing to others but to myself. This blog is supposed to be to me, just me not to someone else, and the only opinion of the blog that mattered was mine, myself as a reader; what was I gaining from it.

Unfortunately I kinda- sorta lost my way coz I was anxious to see who remarked and how many views I was getting. I lost the reason I started and focused on the things that put fear in me. Blogging was a significant part of my 21st year. It helped shape me into the person I am today. You meet people on the comment section and in your email when they write and I believe that each person you interact with whether for 2 minutes or for 20 years help shape who you are. So today, my being back is a big thing for me. It tells me that I fought one demon and won. The demon called fear. He hinders you from testing the waters, always whispering defeat and failure before you even begin and that sucks no?

ION Every year around my birthday I tend to sit down and make plans for what I want the next year to be like. Just before I turned 21 I wrote down a list of the 21 things to do while I’m 21. Everyone or rather many people make such a big deal of the big 2-1 date that I wanted to make mine into a year that I could remember. I didn’t want to just celebrate the date I wanted to celebrate the year and that’s what I did.

In 2014 my grandmother relocated back to Kenya from the states and from her stories I came up with my ideas for my 21st year. I won’t lie and say that I accomplished each and every one of those but I did the biggest ones on my list. I boarded my first plane at the age of 21 years and two months for the first time in my life and it wasn’t a local flight. I went to America which actually wasn’t on my list but hey. I impacted kids’ lives which is my biggest accomplishment yet some still write to me to tell me just how far they have made it into their goals that we set together.

I made even better friends this year which is significant for me coz I’ve always been known as my brothers sister and not Wangechi you know? I wanted to form my own brand, my own identity and niche and I kind of did this year. Rather I realized that creating your forte takes some time, it just doesn’t work on the click of a button. So this year I created my foundation. I identified some of my weaknesses and my strengths. I realized that I am an emotional person and that doesn’t mean that I cry to a lot of sad movies or that I’m a creepy lady(LOL), it means that once I set my mind to something, my heart goes in as well. This can be bad sometimes too coz some people out there are just out to use you and that sucks major balls!!!!

I also started journaling; writing down my thoughts, quotes, short stories and blog ideas into a very pretty blue book that Josie gave me as a gift. It helps me relieve stress and keep the writing bug going especially when I needed a break from blogging. Once a writer always a writer. 😛

No year is short of its challenges and heart breaks :-(. However how one handles those bumps along the way determines your character, your backbone. Along the way I was dumped which hurt but it taught me to see the good in a break up rather than wallow in the sadness of loss; which is weird because I’m still young and I still felt immense loss and sadness that I couldn’t comprehend. I learnt to take each experience focusing on what it teaches me and what I learnt from it than focus on the negative side of the coin

So I’m about to turn the page into my 22nd year and I am abit overwhelmed I mean, this means I have to beat my 21 year goals right? I have to make bigger and better things on my list. Oh this is frustrating!!!Who said though that It has to be bigger though? Maybe I can focus more inward in learning myself, on learning to be independent and taking pride in the lady I am blossoming into( and yes I am tooting my own horn ;-)) .Sometimes as individuals we put all the pressure on ourselves to do things and be things instead of letting fate and God take the lead. We gotta step out the way and let them work. That will be my focus I think; you know how girls change their minds… well I have three more days before I have to curve the list into stone so who knows.

A lot can happen in three days…hahaha

Thanks for reading!  🙂