A pause in the race

It’s been a beautiful year don’t you think? Beautiful weather, beautiful people and adventures galore that has had us look at things in a different perspective.

We have met new people, great people with a great attitude to life and we have also met horrible people, sorry to say, who haven’t added value really but hey..everyone has a purpose in your life to teach you something.

And as Christmas is here with us and the New year approaches us with the speed of light, many will make resolutions that to be honest won’t see the month of March. Lose weight, be kind, save money; we’ve all had this mantra…New year new things..haha 😂😂😂 😃..I’m waiting on to hear all this things in February actually.


Anyway, I’ve decided to go a different way..mine is a goal. A goal to enjoy life without the bondage of the phone.

I want to see life through my eyes and not through the lens of a camera. So to all of you, my are followers of JustWangechi, shall we pause for the year and see each other in a little bit?

I love and appreciate you all for sticking with me even when you didn’t understand a thing I wrote😂. I appreciate the reading post after post and commenting. Blogging has been an adventure that I’ve loved every second, every post and every edit..

This isn’t goodbye but a see you later…👍


May 2016 bring you favor my critters…you are loved❤❤❤








When I have a lot on my mind, I normally take myself to the most serene place I’ve ever been to. I reconstruct the moment in my head and in that beautiful peaceful place, I try and dig deep to try and figure out what I need to do, my next step my next move. My most peaceful place was at lost coast camp. It had this stunning meadow right at the front. Blossoming flowers, herbs, different kind of plants and animals were there with me. All silent, brooding, each creating a sweet melody of calmness and peace. In that space I would reflect, figuring out what lessons I am getting to learn along the way as I was traveling alone and getting out of my comfort zone in meeting new people.
Learning to calm myself down before making decisions is the greatest lesson I would say I taught myself during the summer. So whenever I feel like my stress levels are raising, I hold on to my camp medallion and go back to that sweet spot and take a deep breath. In that moment I tell myself that I am in control over everything, I remind myself that God doesn’t put anything before me before it has HIS sanction that I can overcome it. Once the notion that I, Wangechi has already in the future, at some point or another overcome the situation I am in, it stops being such a great jumble in my mind. I already see the victory without even knowing the journey taken to acquire it. I see fulfillment and happiness that knows no bound. I see myself smiling from ear to ear thanking GOD for taking me through a valley so that I can see the beauty at the mountain top.

So you right there, why are you in despair about your current situation? Why are you worried about anything? Doesn’t the bible demand of you to take it to the LORD in prayer? Why are you carrying such a heavy burden when you have someone asking you to let HIM carry it for you?

Think about it for a second, so you have this heavy package right; say it weighs around 10kgs and you are told to walk/carry it for a day. just one day, you wouldn’t refuse I mean such an easy task right? The conditions are that you aren’t meant to stop your daily life as you carry it; so as you go to school or work or shower even its constantly with you. You agree!!
So you begin the task at hand, first it’s in your arms but those run out of energy and you shift the weight to your head. Of course your neck will grow stiff at the weight of it. Next you shift it to your back. Your spine can carry a lot but considering you still have to go about your daily duties your back can’t carry your own weight plus an extra for so long. Soon your dragging it around cursing and panting asking yourself when you’ll be able to get rid of that load.
Now imagine this guy walking up to you at the beginning telling you that he wants to carry the load for you for free. First you’ll be like WHAAAATTTTT? FOR FREE? But then some of you (not all) will say/think that you are brave enough to carry it; so you refuse and tell the guy to watch you carry it.>

Halfway through the day he comes back and asks the same thing but you are obstinate and refuse, challenging him again to look at you go. who does he think he is right? telling you what to do or cannot do!!! Three quarters through you meet him again and he sees how tired you are and he offers you one more time. This time your ego is wounded because he can clearly see how tired and weary you are. You ask yourself why he would want to carry your entire luggage for free and when you do ask, he says he says that he has dedicated his life to helping people offload their luggage for him to carry for them. You hand it over to him and before you know it time flies by and it’s time for you to hand over the luggage. Looking at him you see and wonder how he isn’t tired at all. That’s Jesus for ya… 🙂

Don’t wait until your so exhausted carrying all your troubles around to hand it over..Just do it. He assures you of grace in the process and sooner rather than later, that season will pass and you will no longer have any luggage to carry.
I urge y’all to find a nice quiet place where you can offload your luggage to GOD.
If you don’t believe in God well I believe you believe in something so give it to that too…

Life is simple really…we just have to know when to let go and when to hold on. Not everything or everyone is meant to be part of your story. Somethings are just meant to be in some chapters of it. 🙂

Chin up..
You are loved!!!! ❤ ❤

With love


A journey of 1000 miles starts with a first step.

I feel like a social experiment gone wrong.I don’t know how to explain or quantify it. I sometimes look at the way my life is and I wonder if I’m acting a movie;is someone out there pulling the strings?😯😯😯



Today I got the loveliest compliment. 😃 Two friends told me that they found me exquisitely beautiful.**blushh***

Sad to admit though;  I Immediately recoiled and wondered what kind of sick joke they were playing. Did someone told them to say that to me? I then started justifying why I wasn’t beautiful and it hit me (after they said it many times though) that I hadn’t even said thank you for such a wonderful compelement that many girls and women yearn to hear every day.


I am going somewhere with this….

The other day I attended the Boy meets girl volume three edition( a very big shout out to the wonderful panelist that talked and helped us see a little bit about love and life from an older more mature perspective👏👏👏).

Why did I attend? Well..Coz I was dumped.🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 Woosh I actually said that out loud..I know what your thinking;” gosh Wangechi we’ve all been dumped one time or another get over yourself” and now your wondering why I would go to such a forum where they would talk about love and I am just out of a relationship😳😳😳.

For starters I wanted to hear from a male perspective what they think relationships to be and what they mean to them. See after a break up most people;though let me speak on my behalf, tend to go through phases.

Stage one:-grief (though not many have this per say)

Stage two:-you claim that  the guy doesn’t know what he lost.he lost a gem in you,a great thing that is meant to be cherished.

Stage Three:- you begin to ask yourself “what in the world have I done to lose such an incredible guy?” You shift the blame game inward and if not taken care of will lead to self depreciation.

P.S- I’m Still discovering the other stages

I was stuck on phase 3; rather been stuck for a while now. I’d wake up and look at myself,I would and can still see how far I’ve crawled,fought and cried through to become the person I am today and wonder if creating this persona led  to me driving the “one” away.yes I thought I had found the one..😶😶.the impeccable gentleman who would hold my heart and my Hand through life. The gentleman who would share experiences and joys and tears with.

It wasn’t meant to be..I told myself over and over again until I got used to not seeing his name on my call log, or texts or whatsapp thread. I told myself that he did me a favor. I became angry. Angry that he wasn’t affected at all. Angry at myself for being weak and letting it consume my mind

and that is how I went to the forum …An angry bitter woman with a bone to pick.

Funny though how God works right?😇😇😇 He uses a situation to humble you or grow you. For me he did both. He humbled me by showing me that my ego and my insensitivity to certain issues is what made me lose ” the one” and also grew me by giving me an epiphany. One speaker of the day said that  ” you may have found the one for you but you may not be the one for them“.. I’ll let that sink in for a little bit.😳😳😳😩😩😩😩😣😯😯

My mum, a few weeks ago, shared with me that she thought I kept putting too much of my self growth in the hands of those I date. See my mother and I are very close; I tell her almost everything. So when I told her that I was dumped imagine my shock when she said that !!.. how dare she right? But after a few days of thinking about it, I actually saw the truth of it all. I may begin the journey to self improvement but I never end up finishing it ,coz I hand the job over to someone who is incapable of doing it. It’s not their job to make me happy or fulfilled that’s on me and that’s the lesson I had to learn through this season.

That’s why I made a conscious decision to be single for the next few years.my mother is skeptical though, which is funny but I’m sure I will learn a lot about myself in the next year or two than I would have. I yearn to learn to depend on myself rather on others to help me; to learn how to alone but not lonely;to be able to enjoy my own company and savor the moments; to be able to love myself so deeply that any negativity won’t impede my happiness but rather be used to better myself.


Why blog about it? Coz I need to be accountable to someone other than my mother .. it’s a continuous journey they say.  But in that journey you have to go inward to find truth.


I’m ready to start my journey . It’s been a long time coming but I’m excited and scared all at once .more excited though!!


When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.

See you on the next one😊😊😊