“This is how most people live: alive, but not conscious; conscious but not aware; aware, but intermittently.”
― Sebastian Faulks, Engleby

This particular series is just something that came to me as I listened to Jessie J’s album dubbed ALIVE. Have you heard it? If not you without doubt should; I mean that woman is just a phenomenon in her own way and she just lives her life as she sees suitable, devoid of regret… ok yes yes… she is my woman-crush was it that apparent? Hehe

So I got an acronym for the word ALIVE and I thought why not write all the thoughts I have that unintentionally matched with what the title of the album is (like for serious guys, listen to that album, for sizzle my drizzle yoh). My acronym stands for:-
A- Awake
L- Love
I- instint
V- Values
E- Energy


      Being alive is something that many people aren’t accustomed to. Neither am I honestly and at times it bugs me how much unversed I am with certain things at the moment. For example when people around me are chatting about a particular topic and I have no idea what it is all about. Have you ever sat with a couple of guys and they are talking so vehemently about a certain topic (no no game of thrones fanatics, calm yourselves) rather they are talking about issues on cultural diversity, economics, life etc. but you sit there questioning how all you know is Rihanna’s giving some kinda I’m -high-on-some-weed look in her 4,5 second video and that Kim Kardashian is expecting her second baby and you wonder what crazy name they will name this kid to and ruin its life as usual. I digress.

Living a life that is not full of exploration and passion will be and is already the biggest regret of the generation before us and the ones to come including my apparent Z generation. Many people currently are not living a fulfilling life. Here we are working our butts off at an 8-5 job, earning some salary that isn’t making you particularly happy, living in a house that you sometimes struggle to pay off because its more than you need but you must have due to societies pressure of living up to the expectations of our peers, and driving a car that consumes more fluid in a month( by fluid I mean fuel) than you do in a year but you don’t mind because its luxurious and you need to feel better before going to work. Oh well what do I know right? I’m still a child as some of you would say.

In my very little and I mean little time on planet earth, I have come to a conclusion that I don’t want to live a life that predisposes me to strokes and continuous chest pains and headaches due to stress and anxiety. How so Wangechi and you are in the medical field? That is a very good question.

Being alive, living an alive life and having an upbeat lifestyle, requires 5 things as noted above. The first being one being AWAKE. NO I don’t mean that crazy nasty feeling you get when your alarm rings at 6 am and you groggily dismiss it or accidentally press snooze and three minutes later the booger is screaming in your ear to get up; and you contemplate whether there is a significance of waking up as your day will be exactly the same as Thursday last week, that was the same as Tuesday this week ,only difference being the meal you had for lunch .Not that kind of awake requiring several cups of coffee/tea( depending with your preference of poison).
The “awake” I’m referring to is being conscious of the consciousness around you. It’s being able to sense the earth on the ground and the hairs on your back, or for me, the broken nail on my right small finger at this particular moment. Being awake entails you to focus on the Now and not worry about tomorrow or the day after or the meeting in a few hours but focus on what is around you at THIS PARTICULAR MOMENT IN TIME, IN YOUR SPACE, IN YOUR REALM OF EXISTENCE.

Being truly Awake means shedding that warm blanket of comforting conformity, and deciding to think for yourself. Being Awake means leaving behind the comforting conventions of daily life, and becoming keenly aware of what routines are catered for bodily comfort and unconscious conformity, and what YOUR SPIRIT truly needs to be fed to thrive and grow. Being Awake means taking back the day-to-day demands of your body, and telling it to stow it, you’ll feed and rest it when YOU decide to, and perhaps consider buying that trinket for it if it can be justified.


Malai Nepali khanna man parcha


that title basically translates to :- I love Nepali food ❤ ❤

read on to understand why:-)

Petrolia is a great place; Like astonishingly remarkable in all ways possible. The scenery is breathtaking and the ambiance is laid-back and hustles free unlike the city. The community here is beyond just the name ‘’community’’ they are a family. When the earthquake hit Nepal ( for those who follow the news and all that) this amazing bunch of people, of about 400 people, went out of their way to organize a feast and an auction to raise funds to build houses and aid people in Nepal get back on their feet. Isn’t that amazing?

Imagine a room full of people, live music, really good Indian food, the sounds of kids playing outside and the laughter of the old sweet couple in the corner just giggling the night away. Beautiful right? I’ve honestly never been envious of people like I am of them really. Such bonding and understanding of each other is just so fantastic…


Naan making with Uma 😛

adding to my list of great women:- Uma!!

adding to my list of great women:- Uma!!

i had to use those infamous cups. in it:- rice, chicken, daal, raita, potato salad and hot spicy indian sauce..

i had to use those infamous cups. in it:- rice, chicken, daal, raita, potato salad and hot spicy indian sauce..

Back to my story, ( I got abit sidetracked) So those who could help out with the food did; each person volunteering to cook something or bring something to the dinner. Other ways people helped was actually showing up and buying stuff, or cleaning up after the event was over. The event was running from 6pm to around 8pm. My host family was making Raita (sort of like a salad ish thing). At the dinner there were all kinds of Indian food; naan, Raita, rice, rice pudding, some samosa like looking thing; I forget their names honestly LOL… How primitive of me . A plate for an adult went for 15$ i.e. like Ksh. 1400 and for kids it was around Ksh. 950($10) a plate.

The auction had a variety of stuff: art, wine, food, firewood, jewelry, books. I know it sounds crazy but let me freak you out a lil bit more. So the firewood went for around 300 dollars; that would be about Ksh. 28800 for a single log of wood:-! Like yoh!!!! All for Nepal though right? I think we raised quite abit of money tonight and I’m glad I was able to witness such great ways to impact my community.
My lesson today: – I don’t have to do something really big to make a difference in someone’s life. Even the little is enough to someone without.

Anyway bed time (time is 11.18pm), I’m too fatigued to even proof- read this, so excuse any grammatical errors or peculiar sentences that don’t make sense… 😛

Have a great Sunday to all of you crazies… 😉 🙂



Remember when I said that I was new to the whole flying thing (which I’m certain most of y’all laughed your silly butts off) well when I landed in Zürich it became very obvious. I landed at gate E and from the screens I knew my next gate was gate D and I had a 45 minute lay over. In my head I was like this is easy as cake baking I mean< pshhh>. I was so sure the terminals were close to each other coz they follow the alphabetical order right?


Terminal D was all the way on the other side of the airport. Imagine a hassle-free black girl strolling on the passageways, using those flat escalator thingies, really enjoying pushing her carry-on baggage and then unexpectedly hearing, ‘’JULIE KEGE (I think they thought that’s how Chege is pronounced. Who knows with the Swiss) please come to terminal D57’’…I’m like wooooaahhhh….Now everything now seems foggy. My brain was yelling at me that I was GOING TO MISS MY FLIGHT…oh crap….I start running towards where I assume D is and it points me to go down. I’m looking around I’m all alone on the corridor and I can’t for the life of me see anywhere going down… arrrrghh men!

let me enlighten y’all what happens to Wangechi when she is nervous; She freezes. She can’t reason or do anything…like an ice carving really…

I finally see a staff guy walking around and I ask where terminal D 57 is and he stares at me like I’m the stupidest person on earth and begins to speak so fast in German and all I get is I’m late & I should run ..LOL! He takes my carry-on and we run down the corridor, turned like 15 corridors (I exaggerate alil bit) down an escalator, to an underground train. A TRAIN?? LIKE IN THE AIRPORT??. Julie is amazed. He screams directions at me and leaves me in the train and off it goes…

<SIDE BAR> this is also my first train ride ever and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!!! It was fast, clean, had really nice comforting music. Strange thing about it was at some places, you could hear cows mooing and I was like WTH is happening…LOL 😀 So I reach terminal D and my name is now on some sign (finally some acknowledgement yoh- booty jiggle) but there is a huge line ahead of me. Of course you would take the line too right? I’m looking around and I see everyone holding their passport but no one has their ticket and I’m all confused coz I’m like isn’t this the boarding terminal? The guy ahead of me didn’t know what I was saying but a nice couple told me that I was in the wrong place as this was customs… hahaha…Shit!!

I decided to just go in the opposite direction from the line coz I had no friggin’ clue where I was or was going. I didn’t have time to drag my carry-on so I put it on my head and ran like the Kenyan in me was born right there!

Story short, I made it to the gate on time. One has to take a bus from the gate to the plane and off I went. Being the last person to board, and adding that I was the only black fellow in that flight got me some uncanny looks, but who cares!! I’m going to London yoh… \o/ 😀

Stares out the window singing “London Bridge is falling down, falling down….”
*hums* 😛 🙂

my story of crazy Part 1

I’ve always been the person bidding others farewell at the airport; be it parents, friends, relatives etc. I’ve at no time been on a plane before until this voyage and to be truthful the actuality of it all didn’t hit me until I was in the waiting lounge wanting to pee so bad but contemplating going to the loo with the carry-on baggage and my hand bag as well as going through that whole procedure of security check again…no way!! I’ll pee in the plane…air pee… hahaha (golden showers) >_<

My novelty to the whole milieu was pretty apparent I imagine. Two ladies in the lounge disjointedly told me to relax and relish the ride as if my inexperience was exuding through my pores. As I always do before doing something wild I called my momma, told her goodbye and all that dull mawkish stuff I’m sure you don’t want to hear about; I embarked my journey to America.

Comical how loud it is inside a plane. Every person talking and laughing, sharing a story or a snack here and there. After departure many folks stood up to walk around and all I could ponder about was the crazy movies that I’ve seen so far in my life involving planes and how if I went to pee ,a snake may come and go up my butt making me scream like a little girl. I was just mesmerized by it all really…

I was told how my ears would ring or pop during takeoff or landing. it got me all freaked out but mine was pretty smooth. I honestly enjoyed those parts the most. In Dar, we stopped for an hour to refuel and pick some other guys (matatu shenanigans) and I met the dearest lady Sigrid from a town called Cologne in Germany. Sigrid shared her life story with me and told me all about her new life in Kenya and how she met Eric Wainana and now can’t stop listening to his music (mafans tunawapenda wooooh!!!!LOL)She also figured out that I was a newbie in the whole plane thing and to be honest the shock in her face. PRICELESS! She immediately switched seats with me; I was in an aisle seat and she had a window seat and this allowed me to have the best view in the world. Seeing the sun rise in the morning was breathtaking. All those colors joining and meshing to form an orange color that was so beautiful not to forget the clouds!! God had some imagination on that one …

pardon my china phone camera isnt the best

pardon my china phone camera isn’t the best

i should take photography seriously now huh? :-P

i should take photography seriously now huh? 😛

Swiss air has the best cabin crew in the world.. Great food, good movie selection, really warm blankets and just the ambiance was phenomenal.( just a BTW> do I get a free ticket now that I have marketed a bit from them?? Just throwing it out there) 🙂

above the clouds somewhere above the alps

above the clouds somewhere above the alps

Unfortunately I had a 45 minute layover in Zürich so I couldn’t take a selfie with the cabin crew…maybe I’ll have the courage and time to do it on my way home…who knows.. I may grow big balls of steel.. hahaha…

An adventure waits….