There is a sense of vulnerability that comes with blogging. One bears bits and pieces of themselves even when they are blogging on fashion, social events etc. How one writes their piece is a glimpse into their mind, their character, their world and to me that is a lot. Now imagine being appreciated for showing the world a glimpse of your soul? Isn’t that just frigging amazing?
For me blogging was an outlet for some if not all of my “demons”. Blogging opened me up to accept criticism and love in equal measure. It made me associate with people I had never met before. It made me wholesome and beholden to human interaction; from being an introvert to being ME. The internet I have discovered can be a great place….it has decided to appreciate female bloggers and guess who was nominated….yeiiiiii (dancing***). Some of the finest female bloggers came up with the “sisterhood of the bloggers award” where once nominated you also get to recommend amazing female bloggers and appreciate them as well.

the power of yoga :-)

the power of yoga 🙂

So I am to answer some questions to help y’all figure me out some more (how can you not know me by now though? ).Hehe 🙂 😉
1. If you could be an animal what would you be and why?
Wait aren’t we animals already? Hehe…my biology classified me as a mammal…were they wrong all along?? LOL…anyway if I was to be an animal I would want to be a leopard…it is beautiful, fast, lithe, wild, free & strong. It shows a brashness of defiance as if it recognizes just how significant it is. I like that. I WANT TO BE THAT. :-p

2. What legacy would you like to leave behind?
If you know me personally you know I’m a loud girl. My laughter is explosive and my reactions sometimes are wild. However when it comes to legacy and matters close to me, I don’t like them being flamboyant and marked. I would want to leave a legacy discernible by inspiration I have inculcated in one person….if I could touch one person’s life and make them have confidence in in their amazingness, beauty and strength then I am satisfied with that. But then again, God has a plan for me…my legacy is in His plan so I await to see the marvels He has in store for me.
3. One thing I love about myself and why?
It’s been a few months of my virtuous train (i.e. saying one good thing to myself about myself). If you’ve been reading my blog you read on the things I love about myself. I love a lot about myself now…. However the one thing I have come to love MOST about myself is my smile…does that makes me vain? /o\
4. What would you like to change about yourself and why?
My body definitely; on occasion I feel like I should be a certain way and other days I know I am beautiful…Like I said it’s a journey I am taking with myself to appreciate me and the faults I have. Sometimes it’s better to see the positive than the negative right?
5. If you could fly for a day where would you go?
Sadly I have never been on a plane before, all I have done is admire their architecture in books, magazines, and on seeing them up close the few times I am on Lang’ata road, So for now my dream would just be to board one that is actually going somewhere, like Madagascar.* my dreams are valid** 🙂 🙂

6. If you could have a supernatural power what would it be?
For a second I thought of mind reading but I figure hearing other peoples thoughts would be freaky on a daily basis. If I was to have a super power, I would want to have the capability to fly. Call me superwoman…hehehhe….
7. Where would you like to live and why?
Hey there Greece, I’m coming to you *wink wink**
Culture, scenery and the beauty of the place….
8. If you could meet anyone who would it be?
Past– I would love to meet Wangechi at 14…to tell her and reassure her that no one has the capacity to hurt her other than herself. I would have been saved a lot of anguish and tears in my teens if I knew that little fact.
Present- I’m going to be a little shady and say Cookie, no not Taraji; I WANT to hang out with the character cookie!!!
Future– I’d like to meet my teenage daughter and just see if she turned out as great as I imagine her to be.
9. Why do I blog?
Lately I’ve been asking myself this question. At first I started out so that I could have a way to exorcise my demons lightly putting it, but now I have grown to liking the experience of sharing something enlightening. Blogging to me is an adventure. It is a way to stir something in people, letting them know that some experience; however lonely it is to go through them; they actually aren’t alone. But then again not all my posts will be moving, some will be outright bizarre. I’m trying out a variety of things…who knows what I will land upon and like.
10. Would you consider yourself happy?
Happiness is a state of mind…if you believe you are pleased you will exude happiness. If you believe you are miserable and brokenhearted you will be sad and you will hurt…
Your mind is your most powerful weapon, both against yourself and against others.

My nominees are these outstanding ladies who have found ways of breathing life into words. They use words to uplift, encourage, bring laughter and just being incredible in general… Check them out…
And without further ado….****drum-rolls*******

To the tagged you may nominate others and answer the questions as tagged. 🙂





crevices, folds…the extra layer

yes you :-)

yes you 🙂

This past few weeks has been gruesome on me physically and emotionally. With CATS and looming finals breathing down my neck, I forgot to take time for myself this month to evaluate ME. Its March y’all…\o/. I don’t know whether it’s my approaching birthday that’s making me so animated or the holiday that I am looking more forward to, regardless three months of this beautiful year has come to pass and it seems so unreal doesn’t it? I had a set list of things to do each month and this month I was to write myself a letter but I decided to talk about something that is a bit delicate to me WEIGHT AND BEAUTY. I’m going through a “lets-discover-Wangechi-year” that it’s just getting better and better with each passing day  🙂 .
Recently I was chatting with a friend of mine about how I wanted to join a gym to get into form as I wasn’t particularly fervent about how I presently look and in the mid of that tête-à-tête she asked me what happened to my stand on loving me as I am. She continued to add that she doesn’t understand why people can’t admit to what they don’t like about themselves and stop using pre-self-love statements.*A moment of silence for such deep thoughts* This got to me…. It made me think about myself and I had to face a demon I didn’t particularly want to fight…

that's me.....* hides*

that’s me…..* hides*

I don’t like my body… there I’ve said it…but despite not liking my body I love myself.. Do you get me? See, growing up I have associated beauty with skinny girls, thin girls; Girls with flat bellies and a thigh gap. I’ve looked on while my “skinny” friends fit into those cute pants, cute tops, cute bras and I would envy them. I would covet how easy it was for them to look pretty without even trying. I would admire, wish upon the gods to take away the extra on me that was not on my friends and every day I would look at myself in the mirror and I hate what I see. I suffered through my teenage years thinking that skinny was beautiful, making assumptions that having a 34 C was the definition of perfect. I wanted to be lean, thin, sexy and fabulous. I believed that if I was so and so’s (excuse my Nairobi grammar) size, all of my issues would go away and I had ISSUES…a lot of them. So I worked at it; I exercised, dieted, cut off certain things thinking that I would feel better at the end of the day and for a while I did.
I lost 5 kilos and that was the best day of my life (FYI it’s not anymore). I was excited, ecstatic rather…everything was falling into place; my path to true happiness was coming along great. After a while the excitement died and despite losing SOME weight I still didn’t feel beautiful enough. I felt like the ugly duckling walking around with Barbie making her look good while no one paid attention to me. It was a waking nightmare that never ended… every day I found something bad in myself and I used it to tear myself down. I tore my friendships apart because of it and I was left wandering what now? What next?
It wasn’t until last year April, right after my birthday actually, that I realized that being PLUS SIZED (mildly putting it) wasn’t a bad thing. I had to figure out that beauty is NOT defined by my SIZE but rather by who I am as a person and dam nit that was a tough lesson to learn & it was an humiliating lesson as well. I figured that loving every inch of my body, every cellulite, every extra flab, and every stretch mark is what TRUE SELF-LOVE is all about. I needed to fall in love with ME… I purposed to do just that.
Every day I woke up I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself one virtuous thing about myself. I celebrated My eyes- for showing true emotions and not hiding behind a façade of lies; My lips- for speaking on what I like and what I don’t like; My skin- for being tough against a lot of things set out against me (figuratively speaking); My brains- for being smart, creative& intuitive; My heart- for seeking love and giving love, getting hurt and getting up again. I praised my stomach- for holding all my crap and farting it all out and my thighs- for being resilient as it held the weight of my body etc. Every single day I said something nice and in time (after about 9 months) I came to  start falling in love every single inch of me. I’m not there yet though…but still working. 🙂

big girls 1
I still workout (when I remember to coz of my chaotic schedule); I mean health before anything else right?I’m starting again from scratch though now with a different mindset of why I’ll be working out . I’ve come to realize though that if I do love myself the way I should then size doesn’t matter. I should just fine-tune this remarkable creation of God. I am still preaching “pro-self-love” I know but I say this still having days where I battle with the little demon whispering in my ear. I still “fall” and have days when I don’t like myself but I figure it’s a learning process and I’m still growing and still have a lot to learn.



If YOU are reading this and you don’t like something particular about yourself don’t worry, it happens. Even the models have those days…what you we need to do is find a happy center for those days, a happy place in our thoughts that can take us back to loving yourself even if you’re eating an unhealthy snack( hey Oreos) 😉

take me and marry me Oreos

take me and marry me Oreos

So cheers to March and to loving ourselves…

Always Wangechi