DEAR MAMA(part1)

I got the mighty anxiety today morning when it finally hit me the severity of me passing medical school.. :-!By severity I mean that it finally dawned on me how so many people look up to me in my very-young-naive life( not that I am complaining). Once you enter med school you seize being just the neighbourhood fellow “Julie” but you are now the family doctor and a significant pillar in the community. All these people are looking up to you; they celebrate when you hit a significant milestone and they weep when you fail to meet a goal or a pass mark.

Regardless since no-one is a genius( that I’ve met so far) failure is inevitable and that is what I experienced today morning.Let me explain ; In med school passing is 50% . Once you attain that 50, you celebrate-jump,scream, ululate, buy a round of drinks or spend your little savings on some random thing and you finally get to let go of that anxious breathe you have been having before results come out.  Even when you get a 50.5% that’s a pass it doesn’t matter YOU ARE ABOVE 50.

So here I am below the 50 mark and my first thought is ” I’ve disappointed my mother.” 😦 ..honestly that broke my heart in ways I cannot even begin to express…so I cried and eventually I called my mother and explained the scenario .
I love my mother for the mere fact that she can uplift you even when you cannot see the silver lining to a very large dark cloud…. 🙂

so this is post is just to thank my mother for being the pillar supporting the pillar…



because she can and I can't :-)                                                        because she can and I can’t 🙂


the journey so far

hey there guys!!:)
sorry for the silence, I’ve been quite held up with school and reading for upcoming cats that my mind LITERALLY wrote on the blog but I guess it was all part of my daily daydreaming sessions I have nowadays..:/

How have y’all been fairing with the gratitude challenge?? quite a few of you got back to me and really made my day by joining forces with me to spread love, kindness and cheer in nairobi….Go us:) :+))

I have pictures of my experiences but since I am writing this inbetween a pediatric lecture and a pharmacology lecture bear with me .they shall come really soon..I promise hehe=_=

DAY1..- writing a thankyou letter..

I decided to randomly choose people in my class and just write a small thankyou notes…I was disappointed to find all my fancy paper was finished( but karatasi brand paper is still good right??^_^)
I think the response was person I wrote too came to ask me if I was stressed…hehe…I’m very fine guys :))

DAY2- pick up trash
this was very difficult honestly…not ati coz its picking trash but rather cos I was so busy on Saturday…
but I picked up some trash in the house so I hope that counts %)

DAY 3- Buy someone random a drink or food

okay this I didn’t do because I can do this in can do in bulk this Sunday the 25th…..there will be nyama choma at OVER THE HAY..come join me for cool games and plenty of laughter and I promise you great nyama choma that will caress your taste buds and take you to a whole different universe…

I’m a marketing guru I tell you >_<

day4- Share a great article..

guys,guys, guys have you heard about centonomy?? .I have this great desire to stop being dependent on my mother financially and this guys really helped me get to where I am today.Anyway so I heard about this class that happens once a week and in this class they teach you how to save your money and to supplement your income…so my article is….***drumrolls****

today(DAY5)- Give someone deserving a hug

still looking for theONE…hehehe

keep sending me your kindnss challenge experience…


Thanks so much for the  comments and feedback coming through(on phone esp 😉 ). Some are so hilarious though, ati “what if I eat at java for 2500??? :-D” LOL that just made me tear up…ANYWAYYYYY…… for those who have agreed to do the challenge with me day 1 is tomorrow( January 16th 2015.

Let’s join forces and spread kindness and love throughout the month

}-{}-{}- let us assume that's a human wave :-)

let us assume that’s a human wave

I shall be posting my daily experiences(with pictures definitely) so be on the lookout for those…

Do share your own and I could mash them up at the end of the month…

remember to share and spread the kindness wave 🙂

smile, laugh grow ;-)

if that's not love what is?;)

if that’s not love what is? 😉

A few months ago I did it…I did something even I didn’t think I would ever do. I kept on saying that I was going to do it but never quite got to do it. That’s the thing with me sometimes( the old Julie that is). So one day randomly in between classes I went and finally did it. I CUT MY HAIR.. this was a big thing. Those who knew me before knew how much i treasured my me my hair signified the struggle of African hair and how much time it took to grow back after my mother and the local barber ganged up against me in form three and cut my hair…( it wasn’t a pleasant chop guys).:-(

I was going through a lot at the time of this great milestone in my life..I was trying to re brand myself, to make myself better from the inside out but I was struggling to come to terms with certain things so I decided if I could see it from the outside then the inside can work out too…I was a messed up girl back then focusing on the idea that other peoples opinions matter more than what I thought about myself. I was letting myself get into petty relationships( I’m sorry exes but 🙂 ), I wasn’t happy and I wanted it to change that. So I went ahead and did it…

I must admit that I set out certain things I would do after I “transformed” but never got around to doing them and here I am thinking why not right now….LET ME DO THIS!!!!( I don’t know where this energy is coming from btw)

so first things first…the 30 days of kindness..who wants to do this with me?Come on i know you want to…lets join hands and pour kindness into the streets and share our love with each other…:-) 🙂

this is how it goes guys

DAY 1 – Write one handwritten thank you letter
The hardest part about this act of kindness might be to remember where your stamps are or to drive to the post office to get them. Take time to get a letter written and sent out to someone in your circle of friends, family or community who you can encourage, inspire or thank! 

DAY 2 – Pick up a piece of trash
There is always trash on the ground and we can do something about it! Think what would happen if everyone picked up one piece of trash everyday? Let’s keep our eyes peeled for what piece of trash we can pick up to clean up our streets  or neighborhood!

DAY 3 – Buy someone coffee/tea or a drink
Most of us take time out of our day to go and grab a drink of coffee, tea or late night drink. Take the time to buy the person’s coffee behind you. Buy lunch for the person behind you at McFries…doesn’t really matter..

DAY 4 – Pass along an article to a friend who could benefit from it
Have you read a great article recently that you know could benefit a close friend, peer or family member? Take time to show you care by sending them an article with an email to say “Hey, saw this and was thinking about you. Thought you would enjoy it.” Please don’t send one of those obnoxious FWDs. Send an article that adds real value to their life. 

DAY 5 – Give a hug to someone who could really use it
We could all use a hug from time to time. Scope out someone you know who could use a hug and give them a good ole bear squeeze to say you were thinking of them and hope they are having a great day!

DAY 6 – Pick something up that has fallen down
If you are walking down the street and see one of those fallen sandwich boards or you are in the grocery store and see something that fell off the shelf, find a way to put it back up! This might encourage others to do the same when they see you going out of your way to do something kind for others!

Today is the day we choose any act of kindness we want to do. You can pick up trash, write a letter, donate money or time; anything that classifies an act of kindness to you!

DAY 8 –   Give a book to a friend
Is there a book that has been sitting on your shelf you have not read in a while that could benefit someone else? Maybe you love books and want to send a new copy to a friend. Grab a book off the shelf or online and give it to a friend who could benefit from reading it!

DAY 9 – Apologize to someone you know you should
This one is tough but we never said this challenge would be easy. Let’s be kind today by apologizing to someone we know we have hurt or wronged in the past by either sending them an email, calling them on the phone or telling them in person.

DAY 10 – Buy someone their lunch, breakfast or dinner
This can be planned or it can be spontaneous. Maybe you buy the person’s sandwich behind you in line or you make an extra plate for a co-worker who you know loves your home cooking! 

DAY 11 – Leave a Ksh. 100 on the ground and watch someone pick it up
This is one of the best and most interesting acts of kindness we will do. Then go and place it somewhere a random person will see it and pick it up. You might be surprised by how many people walk by it before one person notices it!

DAY 12 – Lend your skills/services for free (answer questions)
There are several ways you can do this. Use the #question on Twitter or Facebook. Post on your social media that you can help BLANK with BLANK and the first person to reach out gets BLANK minutes of support. Go and volunteer for an hour or put your skills to the test. This one will make you think and question, what value can I add to others and who can use my skills/services? 

DAY 13 – Donate at least one piece of clothing
There are clothes that I don’t wear anymore and could benefit others. What is in your closet that you can donate to a local children’s home and have someone else get benefit from your amazing fashion sense?

DAY 14 – Create a care package for a member of your family
You don’t need to spend a lot of money (you don’t even need to spend money at all). You can write letters, send candy or books and so much more.

Today is the day we choose any act of kindness we want to do. You can pick up trash, write a letter, donate money or time; anything that classifies an act of kindness to you!

DAY 16 – Write a comment on someone’s blog
I have been blogging for a little over four years now and I still get butterflies when people comment on my posts. Take time to comment on one of your favorite up and coming bloggers to let the writer know you are listening and you enjoy their writing (Note: for this act of kindness, you can’t comment on this blog, you have to go and comment on someone else’s !). 

DAY 17 – Send a nice email to a company
We might take the time to send a complaint to a company who did us wrong but how often do we send an email or letter to a company who we appreciate is doing the right thing or treating their customers with respect? Send a nice email thanking that company for what they do, the products they offer and services they provide! 

DAY 18 – Bring snacks to work to share
Take time to make something homemade or go to the store and grab something for your fellow co-workers. If you are unemployed at the time, go and bring a snack to a friend or a nearby office (shoot, even deliver snacks to the office where you want to work!). 

DAY 19 – Introduce yourself to a stranger
Say hi to someone you walk by. Sit next to someone else at lunch. I bet there might be people at your office you don’t know fully, say hi and introduce yourself.  A hi can go a long way!

DAY 20 – Hold the door for someone
This one is another tricky one because we have to be on the look out all day for this opportunity. Take the time to look around for when someone might need the door opened for them. Smile, maybe give them a high five and do it as many times as you can! 

DAY 21 – Donate a used book to the library
Your local library could really enjoy some of your old childhood books or best-sellers that you never read anymore. Children, adults and teens can really benefit from those books we don’t use so select some off the shelf, drive by your local library and donate them!

Today is the day we choose any act of kindness we want to do. You can pick up trash, write a letter, donate money or time; anything that classifies an act of kindness to you!

DAY 23 –  Recycle something
It blows my mind how many people still do not recycle! This is one of the easiest ways to give back and be kind to our environment. Take time to recycle and if you don’t have recycling at your office or home, what can you do today to help make that a reality in your area? 

DAY 24 – Support local
Instead of grabbing a bite at Subway or getting a few items at your local Nakumatt, stop by a local shop and support your community entrepreneurs by eating at a local restaurant or buying what you need at a local shop. 

DAY 25 – Leave a 100% tip
This one will make your day!. Leave that 100% tip and talk about doing a HUGE act of kindness. Those waiters will be talking about that for a while and you spread more kindness that way because they in turn go and talk about what just happened to their friends and family! 

DAY 26 – send someone a funny message and make their day

DAY 27 – Compliment a stranger
Walk by and complement a stranger on what they are wearing, their hair or smile. Bonus points if you give them a high five when you walk by!

DAY 28 – Donate at least Ksh.200 to an organization you have never donated to

DAY 29 – Give thanks to one community servant you don’t personally know
Is there a firefighter, police office, civic servant or someone in your community who is adding value to your community that you need to thank? Go to their office, write them a letter or give them a call to say thank you for all they do to make our community safe!

DAY 30 – PICK YOUR OWN(choose any act of kindness we want to do)

What has been your favorite act of kinds so far? Repeat that one today and go BIG! How can you make this one BIGGER and BETTER than the last time you did it?

hope to see you doing it with me….