Dear Wangechi

God doesn’t give you the people you want, he gives you the people you need; to help you, to hurt you,to leave you, to love you, to make you the person you are meant to be.

I write this three days before the new year so that by the time you read this it shall be the new year. I don’t really know how to phrase all I have to say but here goes….

Remember the beginning of 2014?You were so excited that this was your year of self growth and revitalization? Though you may not believe it right now, you came out of the wood works pretty well. I would say, very strong. You may not see it just yet but 2014 made you superwoman( is there a word like that?)

You got stronger after what that idiot boy put you through, you lost a few hairs and some friends in the process but see, you really didn’t need them as much if you only mourned the loss for a few weeks no? That breakup opened you up to enjoying your own company rather than depending on others to make you happy. Babe, you figured out how to smile to your own jokes and though it took a while, you learnt that you should always put YOU first regardless of the situation. If you compared yourself now to the girl back at the beginning of the year, love you are powerful, beautiful, radiant, glowing….your self-love shines through the exterior and THAT is what makes you even more special. Don’t let go of that for if you do, self doubt, a low self esteem and even worse you shall rekindle that hatred fire that did more harm and good to yourself and to your mind.


I totally love this pic….:)

This past year has shown you true friendship and friendship that should be put at arms length. You may have lost an amazing friend(is she reads this she knows herself) while you went through the anger phase at the beginning of the year but those that held on strong through that are the ones worth keeping(they know themselves too 🙂 ). Wangechi, the importance of friendship in this world is far much greater than you know at this point. No man is an island you know, so keep your friends real close, for you shall need them when you are strong and REALLY REALLY need them to pick you up when you are down. Friends aren’t just for the partying and the laughing, they are for the box of tissues and the warm hugs when a hard day or week or month( remember august??) rocks you. If there are friends that you need to make amends to then do it now, time waits for noone. If you have any friends that pull you down, be it in self confidence or happiness then lose that extra luggage, such people just weigh you down.

I can’t really advice you on the romance aspect…..make that boys and the few men that crawl your way for I am still crawling through the dirt looking for a good man( Are you out there?? *Sad face**) But anyway, 2014 has given you the shorter stick in finding a good man. Don’t you worry, life happens like that, when you are in the look out for something, most of the time it eludes you. As 2015 rolls on, don’t be afraid to love coz I know you love deeply and richly. As it is your nature, don’t hold on to your love. Not every man is your father, so enjoy the company as it comes and learn to blow away the chaff away( You know those “men” that are all out for the coochy)

Love,may I commend you on your achievements so far. You have excelled in your studies, have grown in and with yourself and have achieved growth in your endeavors that you put your mind to..Many don’t reach this far and for that I applaud you. For the little extra backbone that life has handed to you; though not in a gracious manner than most; but great never the less. Keep this backbone, use it when the ugly thoughts of “your-not-good-enough” creep your way…As your armor this new year,  your sheild and as your spear….Fight for the happiness that you truly deserve

As the new year begins you are faced with a choice, to be happy or to be sad. Life is all about choices and before you make one, think hard for choices have consequences. Everything in life has a consequence. so think long and hard before you do anything.Wise men normally say that one should take a leap of faith…well as that may be true, it really depends on what that leap is for. This year, learn yourself more and more, find out what makes you smile and what makes you sad. Do what makes you happy and ignore all that makes you sad. Discover your passion and expand your life goals. Be spontaneous, Live large and fully, Be independent of what other people say about you and REMEMBER that they can only hurt you if you let them.Know that crying is not a bad thing, let it rain when needed, for it will come out with all the bad and negative things. Love others with the love of Christ and SMILE….



your friend.


back thoughts

It is said that it shouldn’t be the journey that scares you, but the experiences that you gather as you travel through. We never quite see the veracity in such a statement until the final lap of the game, when there is no turning back to change the players you wish you retained in this battle we call life. So you accept that you may have lost good friends along the way and hope that you are making long-lasting ones now as you stumble your way through.
Mistakes are bound to happen, no one is perfect as they say but perfect imperfections is what we are known to enhance and make others perceive. The lies we churn out and the fake smiles we put up to make everyone imagine that we live such a remarkable life; when deep down you know how much you are hurting inside but won’t dare to admit that you are actually a human being. The lies you have spurn and the truths that you have embellished peek out of the little corner you have put them in, wanting to see the light of day… but you keep them tucked far deep within that suddenly two years later you can’t quite remember why you started caring so much about what other people said about you. When did it become such a great deal what my fellow people in my class, or social accolade say? When did we stop yearning and seeking the proud feeling and excitation of making your mother proud? Now we are just zombies, a figure form to what we tried to become and failed to be while we tried to impress the world with painted faces and torn up baggy pants.
Life is said to be a mirror of our ambitions, does this mean that suddenly the ambitions I had as a child to become rich and famous or a globe-trotter are all obscured with the idiocy of teenage hood?
No one likes to swallow the bitter pill so let me sugar coat it for you, time will always continue ticking on, but once time goes by you can never quite recover it. Who knows what tomorrow holds? Who knows where we will be or whether you will still a have this so-called friends with you the day after next. What we are sure of is that today may be the only chance you have to change your life… if you want to become a fashion blogger Start now…if you want to be a model or whatever this is your chance for tomorrow can’t wait for you if you wasted your today.

Dreams are like seeds, once planted they can’t fail to grow. However there will always be thorns (doubtful people in your life) and weeds (your own self-doubts) that will grow alongside your seed and you have to make sure to root them out before they kill your dream. Some wise idiot(note the pun) said that you are known by the friends you keep, so choose them wisely. You may not see what they truly are but first impressions always matter so take them with a grain of salt. What they may tell you may seem so impressionable at first but ask yourself this… are they worth the taste?