appreciations, mid resolutions?

such a weird title but oh well….that’s the mood i am in oh well..


hey there guys, hope y’all are braving this acclimatizing aphrodisiac with your heads bowed and pants zipped up( quick question why is it that most mammals think that its mating season when the climate falls a few degrees??)

anyway, with everyone doing the 20 random facts on IG including my lame ass i wrote how august has always been my worst month. i don’t know why i think the curse for me just lies on that particular month that everything always seems to fall apart around then.
This month has been really trying for a person, as a daughter, as a friend. Few knew what went on and if i was as courageous as some think i am i would definitely pour it all out but no

a few things that i have learnt this month though are as follows

1. family is not always those who are tied to you by blood but those who despite every single thing are there for you. But those you consider as family will always mean more than the world.. sigh i can do anything for my family..

2. the devil does come to steal kill and destroy.. he destroyed my faith, he stole my ability to see through my anger and to keep rational thought and made me feel like life was not worth it but guess what guys ( atheist and all non believers can log out now) but GOD does really come through and helps you through those dark moments when you are so near death and He shows you the light.

3. you should appreciate what you have and savor it cos yesterday you didn’t have it. Many of us are always lamenting and crying about how our friends have this and how we wish we had that… oh for figs sake STOP  moaning for things that you cant handle just yet. if you cant appreciate the clothes and the materialistic things you have at the moment how are you supposed to be blessed with more??  …let that sink in….nope….let it sink in some more


4. You are the determiner of your own happiness. Other peoples battles aren’t yours. Stop trying to play hero by constantly killing your stomach lining by over thinking how you can fix their problem. If they made their problem then they should come up with their own solutions. My very bright and amazing(please say that as penny from happy ending says it) brother said to me….happiness is from within

5. love and be loved… i am changing my belief that love doesn’t exist. My parents haven’t been in love and well you can only appreciate the things you can see but you are the creator of your own future. Who knows who you will find in a few years months or decades(sorry guys i had to go there) but when you find it, bet the odds. I see relationships thIs days being based on looks and money( girls girls, that guy is rocking his daddy’s money, why you thinking that he made that….REALLY?). My favorite couple is a friend i made in first year. when i see their kind of love i know that it really isn’t lost among us and for us stuck in this single zone….

my dreams are valid and guess what… LIFE IS FOR LIVING AND FOR LIVING IT RIGHT..

whats holding you back??


as always…