growing up

When I was a kid I used to be so jealous of my cousins. They used to get so much and all I wanted to be was like them; So sophisticated and classy in a youthful way: they weren’t like my parents but they weren’t like my brother and sister either. They got to dress in whatever they wanted and dictate on whether they were going to shags or not. Unlike them I had to do everything I was told to do and had to go for two weeks at least each holiday to shags.. I wanted to be grown up. 

You know how you get culture shock when you are in another country a few days after you get there? Well…..that applies to me but now lets rephrase. my culture shock was more cos growing up wasn’t all that it looked like when i was young. Growing up meant I have responsibilities and duties that weren’t there when I was younger. Do I really have to make my bed? Must I really pick up dog poo? I mean its not me that made it poop soooo….. but that wasn’t the worst part of growing up.

Growing up has its ups and downs, for me I must say I think it was a balance of both but sometimes the window is so tainted all you see is the negative. Have you ever been in love? And I don’t mean this stupid things y’all feel two days after you meet someone but that thunderbolt under your skin when you meet, that excitement when you hear your phone ring and its him/her? Sweaty palms and feet that draw the map of Kenya when your together? trying to act cool when all you do is just melt like chocolate in a hot car…..

No one warned me about love. Every person talked about sex and its dangers or pleasures, depends on which angle you look at it from. People told me about drinking and the implication of it , BUT no one told me about love. nobody told me you hit the ground hard its hard to breathe, no one told me that sometimes it doesn’t last so you must pick yourself up and dust yourself. Nobody told me that your first love will always remain in your heart however much you try to forget. But if I am honest I must say that I am glad no one did. Because somethings you must learn through your OWN experience rather than listen to stories of others. My mother is cheeky, being a therapist I think she always knows whats happening to her kids but will never let on. So when I did fall in love for the very first time, she came to my room and told me that I may kiss frogs before meeting the prince. Then she left. LOL…. Anyway, that love didn’t last as long as the fairy stories and romance novels may put it. I am glad though that it put what i felt into focus and taught me that nothing is ever easy, nothing is vain, but it will always be beautiful.

Growing up showed me that friends are important. My parents always used to introduce their friends as the ”person i was with in high school/primary/ university”. Never ever have they introduced someone they are just becoming friends with. Growing up showed me there are friends for a season/ a reason and a lifetime. I still cant tell you who falls where with all the “friends” I have now because growing up has shown me that even your closest friends may bitch about you and say things behind your back and hurt you bad but they will remain your friends. You will keep them because if your like me making friends is a bit tricky and goddamn DIFFICULT. Growing up has HOWEVER Shown me that in-differences will bring you closer to them and when the dust settles and bitterness fades from your mouth all will be well, if your friendship is in the works for you it will always work out for you guys. 

I am still growing up and I cant wait to see what this journey has in store for me.

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always wangechi


love and let be

i grew up getting a tiny bit of attention because well i was blessed in certain areas. many times someone would identify me as that girl with the curvy front area . at first  i was the envy of many i think.. O.o …but into high school well things got tougher and harder.

many complimented my figure and my ”assets” with a touch of sarcasm which felt really insulting. no one really felt jealous anymore just awed by how one can have SUCH taped to their chest. continuous bantering and comments made me constantly self conscious as to what i wore, stood or did just in case they poured out of the tight nest they were put in.

one day though i realized that i am my own determiner of my happiness. guys complimenting me or girls silently checking me out, can all be looked at as attention i deserve because first and foremost i am beautiful, not pretty .beautiful meaning that i am radiating all that is good and worthy to have from the inside out. i see girls this days wanting to be light skinned or puking their guts out because they want to be skinny in order to fit into this ideology that skinny is the new black. you change yourself entirely..your looks, personality, ideals, morals even your goals in order to be in this cool gang crew we envied when we”the uncool gang” were looking in from the corner.

i write this feeling sad because i changed who i was to make sure i fit in with the crowd; but however much i tried i still couldn’t lose this gorgeous(that’s what i think of it now) figure, i couldn’t make my hair any longer, i couldn’t change my hideous laugh into one of those sexy giggles i hear people having this days. the only thing i managed to do was lose track of who i really was in the process of impressing people my own age. depression, self-loathing and a really low self-esteem later i began to see what i did love about myself, my skin, my smile. these small things made me see Gods work within and i saw that i had strayed so far from myself.

when you see just how far you went to impress others by looks and material things, you shall begin to work backwards to find the little girl/ boy who enjoyed life and could work hard for all that you wanted to achieve not waiting for the connections our families may have. finding that person you were before you changed will make you appreciate yourself more and know that regardless of what your friends want, what YOU  want trumps theirs by miles and miles

i am a work in progress, still re-branding and spreading the message that being plus size or being big chested isn’t wrong. having cellulite shows your a real woman really. LOVE YOURSELF AND LET BE. noone can bring you down unless you believe in those words yourself. Recheck your friends, prioritize what you want and how you will get it. TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN

radiating beauty from within

radiating beauty from within

hopefully someone will get a glimmer of hope from this.

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Toddler teachers

Are you ever mesmerized by how easy it is to be a child? You cry and someone is there to pick you up and soothe you. You want something and it is ALWAYS there for you to get it. If you want attention well…. you just do something cute and there you have it. I mean!! Why did I ever want to grow up?
This days, in my age (and I am very young BTW :)) there are certain responsibilities you must take up to be known as mature. There is a silent code of the ideologies you must have to be accepted as normal. For those who know me personally I have this little bundle of joy called Kamau who I believe was brought to me to teach me these simple facts:
It is the most simplest of things that bring most joy.
            When I was a kid my siblings and I formed the triple J band…do you remember the programme that used to come on KTN with three witches and they owned a cub called P3? We were exactly like that. So my big bro would play the drums (we would put stools to act as a drum kit), my younger sis would sing and act like a diva and I would play the piano ( a pillow with some stains on it that looked like a piano set. ) Anyway remembering those practice sessions after school when we were all home makes me so happy. I mean this are the memories I will hold for life. Now comparing that moment with the ones I am having now that I say make me most happy is like comparing Mount Everest with mount pango (the little hill in the corner of pangani girls). Such moments in life make everything else seem so trivial. But looking back now those are the things that shaped who we are today: my brother is a drummer, my sister is an upcoming actress (already featured for three seconds in shuga BTW) and I sing and play the piano. What would have happened if we didn’t form the triple J band? Would each of us have realized the talent we each had inside. I see Kamau dancing and drumming using a cooking stick on the stools and it takes me back to those moments as a kid when stools were the best drum sets known to man!!
We got to be hard headed and focused to what we want in life.
Kamau is one of those kids who when/if he wants something he will do ALL that it takes to get it. He has this silent attraction to cars…more precisely the van we have. So the key is normally kept on the kitchen shelf. So yesterday shock upon shock after lying to him that if he finishes his food we will go to the car, he took a stool, climbed on it, then jumped to the chair and then onto then counter and opened the shelf. And the whole time I was so shocked I was just standing there looking like a retard…
See he took the offer I told him about and then did all it took to make sure he got what he wanted.
What’s your excuse for not going for what you want? If you want to start a business, go for it. If you want to get employed there are so many jobs on and that doesn’t mean you just apply for one… spread your wings love. Opportunity comes for those who work hard to get it.

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QOTD-“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”
Milton Berle



begginers luck?

how does one do this?? okay…regardless, i think i got this blogging bug.. but i decided to take it to another level and take y’all through my journey of life and through my project of the Thankyou campaign KE as well as project you&me. let me explain that

The Thankyou campaign is all about saying thank you. yes it is that simple 🙂 many times we go through life expecting service and gratitude to those who we pay and those who pay us respectively. Most of the time i am sure we never stop to say thank you to the kiosk guy or the conductor of your local matatu because you expect that service, I mean you are promoting their business right. Actually your wrong, life isn’t for the deserving, but rather for those who appreciate the value of all that is given and granted to them.

 the other day I was in a matatu on my way home and the guy sited next to me gave the conductor a 1000/= note. It was not prime time so i know sometimes for the kange that change is kidogo hard to find. The conductor asked this guy whether he had any loose change and the guy responded rudely saying “if i had it i would have given you“. now imagine fare that day was 40 bob and you have given this kange 1000/= honestly and then your rude about it?? I understand sometimes as being a customer there is nothing you can do about it but you gotta be polite I mean!!! Anyway , so the conductor searches for change  he asks the rest of us,goes to the matatu ahead of us in traffic & even asks the driver of the matatu and gets some really old money. By old I mean this is the money I am sure I consider having been contaminated with fecal matter, has the Aids virus as well as being used as a rag in the house, but you still take it and use it immediately.ANYWAYYYYY…. so this guy sited next to me looks at the money and clicks SO LOUDLY. i know everyone heard it because people literally turned  to check what was going on. The conductor was visibly shocked and from then on was so rude to the rest of us passengers because of this one guy who didn’t appreciate his work and all he had done to get change at that time.

Seeing that made me realize how far we have come as a society that we overlook the simplest of things, like a thank you to the shopkeeper, or the matatu guys who stop you where you are going, or the police on the roadside who protect you and help you manage through traffic(all those living on thika road can attest to this in the morning). why did we stop teaching our kids to appreciate the little things? when did we start seeing ourselves greater than the guys who wash our cars at the office or fuel our car at the petrol station? why can’t we say THANK YOU?

My question is have you said thank you today?

make someones day today!!



Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.

Ralph Marston